Why Rent? Because your girls will love you!

Why rent?

Because your girls will love you!

Bridesmaid dress rentals start at just $85.00

Two-way shipping and cleaning is included!

Don't want to wear the dress again? Then renting is for you! Don't waste anymore precious closet space

Why Rent?


Renting can save you up to 60% off your bridesmaid dresses!


Renting is simple and stress-free - we take care of the shipping and cleaning!


Renting avoids excess manufacturing and reduces textile waste in landfills.

What the real brides have to say about renting...

I loved the fact they're a rental and my girls don't have $400 of useless fabric hanging in their closest! So practical.

- Vanessa, bride in August 2018

The girls loved the dresses! I was impressed with how comfortable the material is. The weight of the dress makes the skirt fall in such a flattering way. The sample box is already waiting to be picked up at the security desk of my building.

- Hana, bride in May 2019

"The best part was how easy everything was! Pack up the dirty dresses in an already paid for shipping box and leave it right on your doorstep. Amazing."

- Andrea, bride in October 2018

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