How do I rent a dress?

Our rental process is easy!

First, you pick your favourite style and colour, then you place your order through our shop page. We will then send you 3 dresses to try on to ensure fit. You will then confirm or change your dress order.

What if some of my bridesmaids would rather purchase than rent?

Not a problem! We offer the option to either rent or purchase any of our dresses. This allows for a cohesive look while ensuring everyone’s preference is met!

Can I see a fabric swatch?

Yes! Pick from a variety of swatch packages available to help you find the perfect colour and fabric. Our swatch packages can be purchased or added for free to any rental order.

I don't think I can pay for my dress all at once!

Not a problem! Reach out to a stylist at and ask about our deposit program!

How do I get in touch?

We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch in the most convenient way for you:

Phone us at (226)-400-0583

Email us at

Facebook message us

Do Infinity dresses come with a bandeau?

Yes! All of our Infinity Dresses, both knee length and floor length, come complete with a bandeau. Most of our bridesmaids find that one bandeau is more than enough, but if you feel like you need some extra coverage, or a different size (for example, if you are size A but heavier-chested), you can order an extra bandeau for $10.

How is renting my dress more socially responsible?

Many bridesmaid dresses end up in landfills after being worn only a handful of times. At BridesMade, we work to get the most out of the lifecycle of the dress.

Measurement & Fit

How does BridesMade ensure a perfect fit?

When you order a rental dress we will send you 3 dresses to try on at home to ensure fit. You will be able to pick the right size for you before confirming your order. Our dresses also have built-in adjustability features that help fit the dress to each individual bridesmaid!

Do you have a size chart?

Yes we do! Take a look below and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

I don't know how to take my own measurements!

Your local dry cleaner is often able to take measurements for you!

How do I know which style looks good on my body?

Each of our dresses description has suggestions on which body type it compliments best.

Can I alter my dress rental?

All dresses are made to be completely adjustable! Each dress has features that allow it to fit all shapes and sizes.

For each of our dresses we have different length options available upon request. Additionally, we can include hemming tape if the dress is too long. For our infinity dresses you can adjust the dress to different lengths.

With that being said, alterations are not required to make the dress fit the way you want it to. If the dress is returned altered, you will be charged the retail price.

Can I change my dress size after I order it?

Absolutely! We recognize that body changes happen, so we are happy to remain flexible. Just send us an email to with your changes, and a personal stylist will be sure to help you out. Changes must be made at least 60 days before your wedding date to ensure we can have your proper size in-stock in time.

What size range do your dresses fit?

Our Classic Collection has sizes available from XXS to XXL.

Our Infinity Collection has sizes available from 00-24.


How far in advance should we order?

We suggest that you book as early as possible in order to ensure we have the dresses you would like available. Overall, the sooner you book, the more diverse your dress options.

Please note that dress purchases take approx. 8-12 weeks to arrive.

When will the dresses arrive?

All dress rentals are guaranteed to arrive at least two weeks before your wedding date. Need more time? No problem! For $10 more you can have your dress rental arrive 4 weeks before your wedding. Dress purchases take approx. 8-12 weeks from your purchase date to arrive.

What if I have a destination wedding?

That is no problem, all dress rentals are available for destination weddings! We do recommend having your dresses arrive at least 2 weeks before your leave for your destination. For $10 more you can have your dress rentals arrive 4 weeks before your wedding date.

My wedding is less then 3 months away, can I still order?

Yes! You can order one of our Ready to Ship dresses! These dresses are available to be shipped out within two days of placing your order. Ready to Ship dresses may have been worn before but are in wedding ready condition and available for 60% off our regular purchase price.

Returns & Refunds

What if I don't return my dress on time?

Please try your absolute best to place your dresses outside of your house for UPS to pick up within three days of the wedding. After three days, there is a $10/day late fee per dress up until the retail price of the dress. In order to avoid this, we suggest that you have the most organized bridesmaid collect the dresses at the end of the night/morning after to get the job done!

Can I get a refund on my dress?

Absolutely! Dress rentals can receive a full refund up to 60 days before your wedding date. Dress purchases can be refunded up to 15 days after receiving your dress.

Size change requests for dress rentals that have been delivered can be made up to 3 days after delivery, subject to availability.

Ready to Ship dresses are final sale.

Please contact to process and refund.

What happens if I don't return my dress?

If you don’t return your dress, your card will be charged the retail price of the dress.


What shipping courier do you use?

We use UPS for all dress orders.

Do I have to pay extra for return shipping?

We cover the return shipping on all rentals! There is a postage-paid and pre-addressed label included in all packages for you to return the dresses. We will pick up the dresses right from your doorstep!

What if I need to change my shipping address after I've ordered?

No problem! Reach out to with the changes, and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Dress Care

Can my dress be ironed?

Due to the nature of the material, we strongly suggest steaming as opposed to ironing.

What if the dress is dirty or damaged when it arrives?

Quality is our guarantee. All of our dresses are thoroughly cleaned and inspected, and we will not allow something that is not up to our standards to be shipped. We know how important this day is to you. However, if something occurs during the shipping process that damages the dress, contact your Personal Stylist immediately and we will send you a replacement overnight.

Do I need to clean my rental when I am done with it?

Nope - leave that to us! Simply pack up the dresses in the return package and have them shipped back to us. All dresses are cleaned and inspected upon return.

I purchased my dress. How do I clean it?

We have all our dresses professionally dry cleaned. Our Infinity Dress can be washed in cold water and hung to dry at home. Our Classic Collection is machine washable.

What if I damage the dress?

If there is minor wear-and-tear to the dress, no problem – we understand you may have partied a little too hard! If the dress is damaged beyond repair, you are then charged the full retail price.

Size Chart
size chart