Winter Wedding Tips From a Real Wedding Planner

September 26, 2018

Winter Wedding Tips From a Real Wedding Planner

This is a guest post written by The Blushing Bride.

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There is so much wedding inspiration when it comes to spring, summer and fall weddings. But what about winter weddings?! We think winter weddings can be amazing! That's why we asked The Blushing Bride some questions about how to go about planning a winter wedding! Read on to find all the tips from a real wedding planner! 


Do you think winter weddings are underrated?

I really do! I think winter is a gorgeous time of year to get married. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and winter is probably my least favourite season, but there is something about winter weddings that make them so magical. Maybe it’s the colours during the season, or the beautiful pictures in the snow. Winter also allows brides to incorporate great themes in their wedding like Winter Wonderland, Christmas or New Years. Winter weddings do not get the credit they deserve. One of the other great things about winter weddings is that there is usually more availability to chose the vendors of your choice as it’s not necessarily wedding season, a lot of vendors also offer off season rates which helps any bride on a budget! I am currently planning a wedding in November at Niagara-on-the-Lake, the colours that are chosen for décor are beautiful and there are so many things for their guests to do! We were also able to get all top choices in vendors, I can’t wait to see it all come together!

 Winter wedding: groomsmen suit


What is the best time of winter to have your wedding? 

When talking about winter weddings I usually think November to March. So there are a lot of options for couples looking to have a winter wedding.

For a bride, I think it depends on what she is looking for. For example, if you are a bride who wants to have snow on the ground for your wedding, I would say anytime between December and February, the weather will be chilly, but there will most likely be more snow. If you are a bride, who wants the winter feel but wants to avoid a lot of snow or bad weather I would say November to early December or anytime after February! These months tend to have tamer weather but can still give you that magical feeling.

For guests, you have to be mindful of the holiday season and ensure if you pick a date too close to a holiday that you give your guests enough time to be aware of your wedding day. Another factor is weather, your guests probably don’t want to have to drive too far away in the middle of a blizzard, and although it’s hard to know what the weather will do, factor this in to your decision.

So with that being said, I would say November or anytime after January to avoid the holiday season (unless you are doing a holiday theme).

 Winter wedding: When is the best month to get married

What kind of wedding dress would you recommend for a winter wedding?

I am a true believer of making any dress look and feel great for every season; but  I do think a longer dress that is a bit heavier will be able to keep you warmer throughout the day. Your dress is a main focus on your wedding day so you want it to compliment the season and theme, as well as make you feel confident. I would pair your dress with a gorgeous faux fur shall or coat for outdoor pictures. 

winter wedding dress

What should couples consider before booking their winter wedding venue?

The top things I would have couples consider before booking a winter wedding venue are:

1) Is the venue heated? I know this sounds silly, but you do not want to find out last minute that the venue is not heated. This will not be enjoyable to you or your guests.

2) Does your venue offer both ceremony and reception locations? Being able to hold both the ceremony and reception in one location will make it easier for yourself and your guests in case of bad weather.

3) Is there a coat check available for your guests? This will ensure that guests are not inconvenienced having to find a place for their coats.

4) Are there unique ways to keep guests warm? For example, warm drinks being served as they arrive, a fireplace at the venue, etc.

5) Does the venue have holiday décor that may be already setup? If so, and you don’t like them, can these be taken down for your day?

6) Accessibility and parking, is this venue out of reach in case of bad weather conditions, do the roads get cleared in the area, will it be easy to find?

Winter wedding: How to choose the right wedding venue 

What are the best florals to use in a winter wedding?

This will mostly depend on what flowers are in season, which your florists would let you know. But in terms of looks, I personally love greenery during the winter, beautiful long garland on your head table, with pops of your wedding colours. Usually wedding colours in the winter tend to be darker reds, navy blue, whites, grey so there are lots of options to chose from.

 winter wedding: seasonal Flower bouquet

What's the best way to stay warm for outdoor photos?

Have a plan! Meet up with your photographer before the big day to plan out where you will be taking pictures this way you avoid standing around in the cold for no reason.

Bring a shall or wedding coat and gloves that will keep you warm and stylish!

Look around for some indoor photo locations, not just outdoors. You will get a variety of photo locations and you will also be able to stay warm for longer.

Scope out your venue for outdoor and indoor locations so you don’t have to go far away for photos.

 winter wedding: How the bridal party can stay warm


Are there any unexpected things brides should think about?

Having a winter wedding can be a bit more stressful because of the unknowns that can arise, and having the below items thought about prior to your wedding and having a plan for them will make sure that your day will be as smooth as can be!

One of the biggest things I tell my winter brides are: Be prepared for out of town guests not being able to come if the weather is bad, as well as for late guests. Your RSVP number maybe less than what you expected.

Be prepared to do your photos indoor in case of bad weather, as mentioned above, scope out some indoor and outdoor locations in advance and plan it out with your photographer.

Have moisturizer and chapstick on hand! The cold weather can create chapped lips or dry skin and if you want to look your best in your photos, have these items on hand! (Or check with your planner if this in their emergency kit!)

If it’s too cold, wear tights under your wedding dress. Pass on this advice to your bridesmaids as well to make sure you keep them warm too!

Make sure you account for extra travel time for your guests and yourself, give yourself time to get to the venue, to take your photos etc.

Remember it gets darker earlier so when making your timeline consider this. Bring extra shoes for outdoor photos, you don’t want to ruin your beautiful wedding shoes in bad weather. Provide your guests with other options to get to your wedding in case of weather conditions such as public transportation routes. Lastly, enjoy the day! No matter what may come up, this is your special day and for peace of mind have a day-of coordinator or wedding planner to help you through any hurdles winter weddings may bring!

winter wedding: Unexpected things. wedding photography waterfall 

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