Winter Wedding Myths Busted

September 22, 2018

Winter wedding, floor length champagne bridesmaid dresses

Winter weddings are often tossed aside in the minds of brides and grooms trying to plan their wedding, which is why winter weddings are often considered 'off-season' for weddings. But does that really mean you shouldn't give the thought of a winter wedding any time? We certainly don't think so! There are lots of stereotypes and myths when it comes to winter weddings. We're here to bust them all!

"They're cold"

When you think winter do thoughts of cold temperatures, snow storms and blistery nights come to mind? Well, though that may be the case, it doesn't mean that your wedding has to be like that. There are a lot of locations or times in the season when the temperatures won't be quite so harsh and you can just enjoy the serene blanket of white that the snow brings! Think early December or March. 

Not only does the timing of your wedding set the tone for the cold weather but you can also try things like an indoor ceremony and reception, blankets or shawls for the guests or outdoor heaters!

winter wedding: Grey floor length infinity dresses


"People won't come"

We often hear brides saying that they would love a winter wedding but are worried that guests won't show up due to the holidays. We know this is a valid concern, but we also think that if you want the NYE wedding, then you deserve to have it! The people who truly love you will show up no matter what.

winter weddings: modern wedding stationary


"You can't wear the dress of your dreams"

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't rock the dress that you've always wanted! Even if that means a strapless, backless, or short dress. Find some equally gorgeous shawls to go with your dress. Or, if you are just taking photos outside, take a blanket with you to wear in between shots!

winter wedding: wedding gowns with lace

"You have to stay indoors"

Depending on where you're located, being indoors is certainly not a requirement! Celebrating outdoors may be a little chilly, but if you're okay with blankets and outdoor heaters then you're good to go! You could also opt for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception so your guests don't need to brave the cold all night long!

winter wedding, grey floor length convertible dress

Winter weddings aren't for everyone, but we do think that if you've ever considered having a winter wedding that you should really think it through! Don't fall for the myths that they won't be as great. Winter weddings are in a class of their own with their romantic yet cozy vibes. We can't get enough of them and can't wait for the season to start!


Happy Planning!


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