What To Wear For Your Engagement Photoshoot

February 03, 2018

what to wear for your wedding engagement photoshoot

Your engagement photo shoot should be a time of love and excitement for your life together with your fiance! Don't let nerves get in the way of having a successful shoot. If you're unsure of what to wear, or on the fence about what style to go for, follow these tips for a flawless outfit that will look good in photos for years to come! 

Be You

Your engagement photos are going to last a lifetime! They're photos you're going to want to look back on during the stress of wedding planning and for years to come. So make sure you choose an outfit that actually looks like something you would wear! Now that doesn't mean wear your track pants, but if you're normally a casual gal, there's nothing wrong with wearing casual clothes to your photo shoot!

Choose Light Colours And Neutral Patterns

Bold colours and patterns may be your style, but in your photos they're going to steal the show. Stick to light colours, neutral patterns and perhaps an accent of bold if you can't imagine your photos without a punch of red! The light colours will bring the viewers eyes to the important part - the two of you and the love you share! 

Play Up The Seasons

engagement photo shoot

The seasons don't only have to influence your photo shoot location but can also help you choose your clothes! There are the obvious conflicting styles: short skirts in the winter, parkas in the summer. Though you might be tempted to wear that killer dress for your winter photo shoot it might be better to opt for something a little warmer, or at least pair it with a chunky scarf to save you from freezing! Ultimately you want to be comfortable on the day, and if you're getting frostbite or sweating profusely, your photos might show it! Dress weather-appropriate and your photos will look natural.

Think Classic

This years trendy outfit might look good in photos for a few years, but will it last the test of time? Do you want to be the person who looks back on their photos saying "What was I thinking?!" Avoid the risk altogether by picking classic styles that will look good for years to come!

Compliment Each Other 

engagement photo shoot

The whole idea of engagement photos is for you and your fiance to share the love you have for each other in front of the camera! Don't take away from this magical moment by wearing clashing outfits! Plan out your outfits ahead of time, and make sure they compliment each other. You don't need to be matching (unless you're into that, then go for it!), but try to avoid obvious clashing so your photos will highlight the two of you and not your outfits!


With these tips, you and your fiance will be rocking your engagement photo shoot in style and comfort!


Happy Planning!


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