Your Bridesmaid is Pregnant - Now What?

April 07, 2018

what to do if your bridesmaid gets pregnant before your wedding

You just found out one of your bridesmaids is pregnant! Now what?

Don't let the stress of having the 'perfect image' for your wedding turn you into a bridezilla. First thing's first: Congratulations are in order! This is an exciting time for your friend and she wants to know she has your support.

As for the wedding, whether she still wants to be a part of your bridal party or not is really her decision. Sit down and open up the conversation of the bridesmaid role. Let her know that you want her to be there, but if she doesn't feel comfortable then she doesn't need to worry about it!

This is the time for an open and honest conversation. Is she going to be 9 months pregnant for your wedding or just 4 months? This will make a big difference in how she feels and if she feels comfortable to standing at the alter with you.

The last thing you want to do is try to force her out of your bridal party because you don't want her there. This is how friendships end. Just don't do it. It's really not worth it!

If she wants to back out...

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The decision is hers and she will choose what makes her feel comfortable. You don't want her up there standing next to you if she'll be feeling self-conscious or just not up to it. Let her know there are no hard feelings for her choice. You obviously want her there, but understand her situation.

You can always opt to have her as an honorary bridesmaid! Invite her to some pre-wedding planning or events, and have her sit with the bridal party at the reception. Whether or not your bridesmaid thinks she's up for the duty of being a bridesmaid she will still be there for you! 

If she wants to stay a bridesmaid...

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Yay! Maybe this means she won't be heavily pregnant by the time of your wedding. Either way, she feels up for the task and this is great! The next thing to do is make sure she will feel as comfortable as possible in this position. Making some minor adjustments can help her feel like you really care about her and also makes her feel confident in her position.

If you were planning an exciting night out for your bachelorette party, expect her to leave early. If you haven't planned your bachelorette party yet, perhaps you could leave the partying for another night and do something she can enjoy too; spa weekend anyone?

What about the bridesmaid dress?

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The next big thing to think about is the bridesmaid dresses. She may not fit nor feel comfortable in a lot of dresses. Opt for something with a high waist line, elastics, and a stretchy material that offers enough coverage to make her feel comfortable. The Infinity dress from BridesMade is the perfect dress to make a pregnant bridesmaid at any stage in their pregnancy feel comfortable, and to keep all your bridesmaids matching perfectly! 



Everyone's heard of the expression 'Hope for the best, plan for the worst'. With a pregnancy, anything can happen. This can range from an early delivery or a very uncomfortable pregnancy. In either case, prepare for what could happen. If for some reason she can't come to the wedding last minute, then you'll already have your backup plan! Let your caterer know that there may be one less plate. If she's having a hard pregnancy, consider small tweaks you can make to help her feel comfortable. Set up some additional seating for her, a chair where she can sit during your vows or even between taking your photos!


This is an exciting time in both your lives, enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with your bestie!


Happy Planning!


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