What A Real Bride Has To Say About The BridesMade Process

November 07, 2018

Interview with a real BridesMade Bride

We love to talk to our brides and bridesmaids. That's why we reached out to one of our brides to ask them all the questions that will help anyone else who is planning their wedding!
About the bride: Gloria is a BridesMade bride who is getting married this winter! She is also the Owner and Events Director of Historia Wedding and Event Planning, a Toronto-based event planning business that focus on meaningful, personal experiences. Because every event should tell a story, Historia's focus is ‘awe-thenticity’ – events that speak loudly and stay true to the spirit of their hosts. In this postmodern era, a special occasion deserves a renewal!

When is your wedding date?

January 5th, 2019 - my fiance and I wanted to be as effective with our budget as possible, but wanted a Saturday, so we're having a winter wedding.

Where are you getting married?

Niagara Falls, at the Battlefield Chapel (formerly Lundy's Lane United Church) - wedding services here are now run by Niagara Falls Wedding World.
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Do you have a theme that you are you going for?

We're going with something fun and sophisticated, rather out-of-the-box. You could call it a modern-chic vibe, but the colour scheme is black, white, red, gold and blush pink. My wedding dress is red!

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Did you order colour swatches from BridesMade?

I did, partially for myself, and partially for future planning purposes with clients. I went with the Infinity Dress, so I selected Nude Pink, Slate, Midnight Blue, Black, Wine, Taupe, Blush and Silver. I just love the Wine colour, but there was no way I could put my bridesmaids next to me with my wedding dress in that colour, so I went with Nude Pink. It was the perfect shade for my colour scheme to work out, so it made perfect sense! And it's absolutely beautiful - all my bridesmaids loved it.

Why did you order a Fit Dress? 

Especially because one of my bridesmaids lives in Australia (but was visiting), I wanted to make sure nothing could go wrong. It's important to me that my bridesmaids are happy and comfortable with their dress selection, so a Fit Dress seemed like the best way to give them that. It worked very seamlessly - I was surprised how easy it was and how well set up I was for success, but that was clearly due to the strong customer service of the BridesMade team, which I am so thankful for. The girls really loved trying the dresses on and seeing how they could play with the styles. I think trying them set their minds at ease - especially because one of my girls was on the cusp between the two size options.

How will the dresses fit in with your theme/style?

The colour of the dresses is the biggest thing for me, in matching my wedding colour scheme. That said, I didn't want to make my bridesmaids pay a large sum on a dress they couldn't afford. BridesMade was a natural choice - they could buy or rent the dresses, whichever suited them best, and all wear it in a style that suits their body shape. Thank goodness, because shopping for dresses had initially been a hassle based on the differing body types. This was a perfect solution.

What are you most looking forward to with your wedding?

Marrying the love of my life, of course. But also, the fun part. The eating, drinking, socializing and dancing. I planned my wedding in a cocktail style reception because of this - I want to maximize my fun, and my guests' fun, instead of gluing everybody to their seats. There's still seating for everyone - but now, with food stations and no assigned seating, everyone can be anywhere they want, at all times.
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Do you have any honeymoon plans? 

Me and the hubby-to-be are waiting until after the wedding to plan our honeymoon, but we're definitely having one. Owning a wedding business and planning my wedding at one time has been enough - it just didn't seem feasible to plan a honeymoon at the same time. We'll also know exactly how we stand financially after the wedding, so we can take as luxurious a honeymoon as we want, knowing what's within our means. Saving for a wedding is hard work! We didn't want to go into debt, so no loans have been involved, and we certainly didn't want to create debt with our honeymoon. We'll see how it goes, but we'll likely go in April once travel prices have gone down, and take the honeymoon of our dreams!
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