Wedding Photography Tips From A Professional

September 05, 2018

6 Tips from a professional wedding photographer

This is a guest post written by Ksenia of KS STUDIOS 


Looking back on your wedding day, everyone wants to relive those moments of joy surrounded by friends and family. Considering your wedding photos are the only physical memory of your wedding day make sure you do everything you can to make they're perfect! We know it can be hard to to juggle everything with wedding planning - but your wedding photography isn't an element you want to leave on the back burner! That's why we reached out to Ksenia of KS STUDIOS to ask the questions that you're dying to know! Read on to find their professional answers.


How should a couple start looking for a photographer?

A couple should begin by deciding what style of photography they want and this doesn't just mean a broad spectrum heading like "candid photography". The reason why I say this is because, if we look at photographers who are classified under "candid photography", there are many different styles characterized by the visual composition of the photos and the editing style. A lot of couples who book a photographer because they read that the photographer's style is candid are somewhat disappointed when they see their photos. When you ask why, many of them say that it is because they didn't like the editing of the images or they didn't like something about the cropping. While KS Studios is willing to edit photos in a specific editing style for our clients, some photographers won't adjust their editing style. It is very important that couples figure out what they want before they book to ensure that they are as happy as can be with their final product. 
wedding photography tips from a professional



How do you know when you find the right photographer?

You can ask almost any couple that we have met with and they will tell you our line; "Find someone who you enjoy being around and spending time with". While your photographer doesn't have to be your best friend, your photographer is with you for 90% of your wedding day. He or she is talking to you, posing you, moving you from place to place, and helping to organize things with you. If you can't stand your photographer, it is going to show in your photos. So, with that said, when you find someone you feel absolutely comfortable with, book them! 
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What questions should you ask your photographer?

It is important to know your photographer's qualifications. Be sure to find out how many weddings your photographer has shot and whether or not they have been the lead shooter or the second shooter for all of those weddings. Sometimes shooters have great portfolios but it is because someone else posed the shots and they just took the photo or because they staged styled wedding shoots. In cases like this, when it comes to your day, he or she might not be as creative or ready to take control. Another important question to ask is if the photographer has a back up plan for both their equipment and for themselves. We get clients booking last minute all the time because their original photographer backed out or is sick and had to cancel a couple weeks before the wedding day leaving the couple with no photographer because he or she is a "one man show". Make sure your photographer is prepared for all the worst case scenarios - they need to have backup gear and a team or qualified collogues to cover if something happens to them. 
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What are some common mistakes couples make when dealing with photography?

The most common mistake is booking simply for the price. I have had clients meet with me, book with a cheaper company, and then come back to me asking me to fix their photos. We get that planning a wedding is expensive. At the end of the day though, once your dress is worn, your cake is eaten, your flowers have dried up, and you've danced till you dropped, the only thing left to remind you of all of these things, is your photos or videos. Don't tighten the budget on the only physical memory you'll have. Make sure you leave enough room in your budget to make your photographer and/or videographer a priority. 

When should you book your photographer?

As soon as possible! A big mistake people make is waiting because they think photographers only have one client a year - we don't! If you find a team you love, book them as soon as you know it's right! 
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Do you have any tips for the couple on the wedding day?

You will hear from anyone who has been through it, make sure you slow down and enjoy the day. Weddings get everyone standing on the tip of toes and running around trying to get things done. Be sure to put yourselves first and let the day be about you and not only about everyone else involved. Make sure you sit down and enjoy the things you planned and spent your hard earned money on. You want to be able to look back and say, "Wow, I really enjoyed my wedding day!".
This is a guest blog written by Ksenia of KS STUDIOS.

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