8 Tips & Tricks for your Destination Wedding

August 22, 2017

tips and tricks for destination weddings

Most destination weddings are somewhere tropical and beachy. Therefore, this blog is tailored to that style of wedding. Although we are focusing on the beachy wedding, the tips below are beneficial for all destination weddings.

Sit back, grab a drink and imagine yourself as below after implementing the best destination wedding ever:


1. Be Understanding

Although weddings are meant to be spent with all your closest family and friends, sometimes when hosting a destination wedding, some may not be able to make it. This may be due to budgetary constraints, work, children, and lots of other reasons. Usually when someone is willing to go to a destination wedding, they are paying to stay more than just one day or night, so the time frame may be too long for some. This doesn't mean they don't want to be there, so try your best to understand their situations. 

2. Clear Messaging

When relaying the message to guests via invitation or online invite, ensure every detail about the wedding is present. Since it is away from your usual environment, guests need more information such as different events prior to the day (a vodka beach party perhaps?), accommodation (is it a resort?), and any other necessary info.


3. Planning

Relating to #2 ensure that everything is *mostly* planned prior to getting to your destination. Guests need to know this information beforehand. 

4. Goodbye gifts, hello money

Dragging along a gift on an airplane or a long car ride may be an additional item that is most likely to be forgotten or just a burden to travel with. Rather then asking for gifts, ask for money towards your honeymoon, house, anything! 


 5. Make it known

Wherever you go, ensure people know you're engaged or newlyweds. There are sometimes discounts or free items given to love birds. Specifically, be sure to let your accommodations know you're newlyweds; you'll likely get a free room upgrade or a bottle of cheap (but free!) champagne.



6. Flip-flops

Heels in sand = sinking. Sinking feet = sandy feet. Sandy feet when wearing shoes = uncomfortable!

Buy some cheap flip flops from a dollar store and have a bucket with the shoes in them so guests can change into flip flops if they wish!



7. Flying info-graphics

If you are flying to the destination, and it's not an all inclusive accommodation+flight deal, be sure to check out flying info-graphics about the cheapest dates and times to fly, which airlines, how to track pricing, etc.


8. Most importantly, have a great time at your wedding


Thank you for reading!

Happy wedding planning,


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