Things To Know For Your Beach Destination Wedding

October 13, 2018

Things To Know For Your Beach Destination Wedding

Beach destination weddings can be so special. Warm weather, tropical vibes and beautiful sunsets are just the beginning of the fun and romantic atmosphere that your wedding will have! But having a beach destination wedding comes with some different things to consider than just your regular wedding. Follow these tips below so you can have the wedding of your dreams!


Send save the dates early

Choosing a destination wedding can be super fun for your guests as it becomes a vacation for everyone! But, just as any vacation, they can also be expensive. It's best to send save the dates extra early so your guests can start budgeting early! We recommend sending save the dates at least 6 - 8 months before the wedding. 

beach destination wedding save the dates

Bring your photographer

Photographs are one of the only physical things you will keep from your wedding. Because of this, you should find the best photographer for you. We recommend asking a photographer of your choice to do your engagement photos and if you love those, it's worth the extra cost to hire them to come with you to your beach destination wedding. Just make sure you let the photographer know as not everyone will be willing to travel!

wedding photographer destination wedding

Check for permits

Sometimes getting married on a beach requires permits. Make sure you check the local requirements beforehand! You can contact the local government to check this, or if you have a wedding planner they can help you!

beach destination wedding permit

Consider your wedding dress

A big ball gown may be gorgeous but think about how hot the dress will make you, how heavy it will be while walking in the sand and how dirty the dress will become! Of course, if your heart is set on it - go for it! Just be sure to think about how the dress will be on the day of before making your final choice! We recommend light and flowy wedding dresses so you can move easy on the big day.

beach destination wedding dress

Rent your bridesmaid dresses

Consider renting your bridesmaid dresses for your beach destination wedding. Your girls will thank you for the cost savings and and closet space that they'll end up saving. Don't forget that your girls will probably only wear the bridesmaid once - so it only makes sense to rent! Learn more about renting your bridesmaid dress here

beach wedding bridesmaid dress rentalsShop the look here.


Anchor your decor

You never know how windy it will be on the big day. Be prepared and anchor your decor! Just buy some small weights to weigh down your decor so it doesn't go flying away mid-ceremony!

beach destination wedding decor


Beach destination weddings are all the rage and we understand why! Now that you have these tips you can sit back and enjoy the warm weather and the beautiful views on your big day!


Happy planning!




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