Things To Consider For Your Outdoor Wedding

July 11, 2018

Things To Consider For Your Outdoor Wedding

This is a guest post written by Chrissy Williams, Freelancer & Editor.


With an average wedding costing over $30,000, many Canadian couples are seeking a low budget, yet equally magical experience. One way you can achieve this is with an outdoor wedding. If you are one of the brides who has decided to tie the knot among nature, then you will have to take extra steps to ensure a perfect day. While nature will enhance the experience, it also offers additional challenges. Whatever season you select for your special day, follow the tips listed below to ensure an unforgettable start to your marriage.


Climate control and comfort 

As the bride, you’re fully aware that this day is all about you. However, it is also about hosting an enjoyable event for your guests. You will need to select a location where everyone feels comfortable. This means not only choosing a place that is easily accessible, but is also the right temperature. Travel agencies have seen an increase in couples looking for a tropical beach wedding, but if you do this, make sure to provide plenty of cold water to prevent dehydration disasters. For venues that may experience a dip in temperatures in the evening, adding a fireplace heating option can add some subtle beauty, while keeping everyone warm during the outdoor wedding.

outdoor wedding tips


Beauty basics

With outdoor weddings, you’ll have to be comfortable with getting a little dirt on your wedding dress. However, be sure to avoid light fabrics, which will blow all over the place in the event of increased wind. Tulle, chiffon and lace are simple, elegant materials, which are perfect for summer wedding dresses. You should choose something breathable if you’re getting married in a particularly hot location. You should also explain to your hair stylist that the wedding is outdoors, so that they can select a style which will remain in place in high winds.

In terms of making the location beautiful, the good news is that less is more. You’ve presumably chosen an outdoor wedding venue on the basis that it is already naturally beautiful, but still free to visit. However, a wedding demands a little extra, even if it’s just pruning the bushes, mowing the lawn and putting up an arch.

outdoor wedding tips

Getting married outdoors is a popular option and rarely does anything go wrong. However, be mindful of the added challenges you need to face up to. The weather is out of your control, but on the day you can make guests as comfortable as possible. Always have an indoor backup just in case. The dress should be breathable and stay in place in the wind; likewise with your hair and makeup. Getting these things right will ensure the magical wedding experience you’ve been dreaming of.


Written by:

Chrissy Williams, Freelancer & Editor 

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