Things to Consider Before Saying “Yes” to Being a Bridesmaid

November 17, 2018

Should You Say Yes To Being A Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a true honour. It can be so fun to support your friend through this special time in their life. However, having such an important role in the bride's wedding isn't always a cake walk. Before committing to the role of bridesmaid, make sure you consider everything involved! 


Weddings are expensive and being a bridesmaid is no exception. Expect to pay for the bachelorette party, a gift for the couple, any travel expenses, the bridesmaid dress, and of course hair and makeup for the big day. If you're on a budget, it's best to talk to the bride about what she expects from you financially before committing. If you can't afford to be a part of the wedding, that's okay!

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The role of bridesmaid will definitely eat up some of your spare time. You will need to try on bridesmaid dresses, plan the bachelorette party, potentially plan the bridal shower and attend other wedding planning outings at the bride's request. Of course, these are meant to be fun things you can do to bond with the bridal party! However, if you are super busy in your life right now, it might be best to turn down the bridesmaid role and try to help out in other ways!

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Depending on where you and the bride are located, you may need to do some travelling for the wedding. You'll need to attend pre-wedding events and those might be out of town. If the wedding is a destination wedding then it goes without saying that you've got to make the trip! Keep travel in mind before saying "yes." Make sure you will have the time and money to attend all the wedding events!

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Bridal Party Drama

Yes, we said it! Because sometimes, bridal party drama is inevitable. That being said, just keep this in mind before committing to your bridesmaid role if you like to keep your life drama-free!

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As a bridesmaid, there are lots of duties that fall upon your shoulders. Duties such as planning pre-wedding events, helping shop for the wedding dress, being emotionally available for the bride and helping her plan any element of the wedding at her request. These are duties that the bride will be relying on you to do in the best possible way. Keep this in mind that you will be putting in a lot of effort towards the wedding as a bridesmaid! 

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Being a bridesmaid comes with its fair share of responsibilities. But it can also be one of the best times of your life as you support your bestie! If you're ready to take on the commitment of being a bridesmaid, read about the duties coming your way here


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