7 Things Not to Do as a Bridesmaid

September 01, 2018

What not to do as a bridesmaid

So you have been asked to be a bridesmaid? Congrats and good luck! This invitation is both a huge honour and huge responsibility. You will be playing a major role in the wedding and nothing will test your friendship quite like planning for the big day. So here are some helpful pointers about what to avoid doing during this exciting time.

DON'T say yes unless you are totally invested

Being a bridesmaid is a big commitment, so don’t underestimate it. This can mean several months of tears, laughs and everything in between. Make sure you are agreeing to be there through the thick and thin of wedding planning!

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DON'T plan your own dream bachelorette party

Ask the bride questions about what she’d like and stick to the requests! Something you may find hilarious or a crazy adventure, may not be what she is hoping for. Always keep the bride in mind – it is her special day.


DON'T have conflicts with fellow bridesmaids

Tensions within bridal parties can emerge pretty quickly when friends and relatives who are unfamiliar with each other are suddenly expected to be BFFs. Do your best to keep the peace and most definitely do not involve the bride!

DON'T drink too much

A few glasses of champagne on the big day is a necessity! Don’t stop yourself from enjoying the festivities but make sure you watch your alcohol intake and keep it classy. Being your BFF’s bridesmaid is a memory you won’t want to forget!


DON'T criticize your dress

If the bride likes it, chances are that is what you are wearing! Do your best to look on the bright side and rock the style in your own unique way. Suggest renting your bridesmaid dresses so that everyone in the bridal party can choose a look they enjoy while the bride is still able to choose the colour. Shop rental bridesmaid dresses here.


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DON'T go crazy with advice

You will probably be asked to tag along while picking out many things for the wedding – like her dress, flowers, décor and more. But don’t offer unsolicited advice! Do your best to find the right balance between offering your honest opinion, while staying in line with her style and theme. You don’t want to upset the bride or cause any unnecessary strain.


DON'T arrive late

The engagement party, bridal fittings, rehearsal dinner, the list of appointments and events goes on. But a great bridesmaid is always a few minutes early, never late! Getting everyone together at the same time in the same place is difficult enough without people strolling in late pushing everything behind schedule.


There you have it, a list of 7 things not to do as a bridesmaid. You got this girl and don’t forget… DO have fun!


Happy Planning!


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