Taking Care of Your Wedding Gown Before, During and After a Destination Wedding

September 19, 2018

How to take care of your wedding dress

A wedding is probably one of the biggest moments in a couple’s life. After building their relationship up to that point, they can finally spend the rest of their lives together. Because it’s such a special moment, it requires proper preparation: the right dress, suit, people, and place.

That’s why many couples choose a destination wedding to unite their destinies. If you’re part of this category and you have everything all set, now you might be worried about your dress. How are you going to take care of it?

Rest assured, the following tips are here to help you maintain the beauty and grace of your dress!

Destination Wedding Gowns

How Do You Take Care of Your Gown Before a Destination Wedding?

Keeping the gown safe until the big day is essential, and there are a few things you can do to keep it pristine until then.

After you purchase it, make sure that the dress is in an extra long bag so you don’t have to press it.

Once you bring it home, hang it somewhere high so it doesn’t bunch up on the floor. Also, keep it in the bag to avoid dust or anything else landing on it. No matter how tempting and “easy” it might look, don’t hang it from a ceiling fan or light fixture, as it can be accidentally damaged or burnt.

Avoid steaming your gown unless it needs to be steamed, and you know that the fabric can handle it. However, when traveling, you might have to touch it up. If you won’t have it pressed by a professional, make sure you use the right heat according to the material.

It is always a good idea to bring a travel steamer with you since it will help you touch up any “accidents” on the spot. A standing mini handy steamer like this one might be a suitable choice since you can easily take it, use it, and place it back before you need to walk down the aisle. Plus, once you are done with the wedding, you can also use that steamer for other events.

If you’re traveling by plane, take care of the way you pack the dress. You could have it professionally packed or take it in a garment bag. Make sure it’s safe and don’t pack it in your checked luggage!

If you’re traveling by car or any other land vehicle, make sure the gown is laid down straight and not creased or pressed in any way.

Taking Care of Your Wedding Gown

How Do You Take Care of Your Gown During the Wedding?

During the big day, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Avoid painting your nails on the same day - instead, do it a day before. Something that is often forgotten is that any hairspray or perfume should be applied before putting on the dress, because they can actually cause stains. If you must use hair products after getting dressed, cover your gown with a towel before you spray it.

If wine gets spilled on your dress or it gets stained with any other beverage, instead of using water on it, try to dry it with a towel and apply baby powder on the fabric. Remove it after 15 minutes. The same procedure can be used for oil spills or makeup stains.

How Do You Take Care of Your Gown After the Wedding?

If you want to keep your wedding gown, make sure you don’t store it in plastic bags, as they can make your dress turn yellow. Store it in an area where the temperature is constant, without humidity, so its colour will not be deteriorated.

There are special wedding dress boxes that can help you preserve your dress properly. Look for the ones that are chemically inert so that no reaction occurs while it stays stored. Chances are you won’t take it out again for a while – so you won’t even notice if a reaction even occurs until it’s too late!

These boxes should also help you filter out the air so that the dress does not yellow out. You may also vacuum-seal the dress to ensure its colour; the less air it gets, the fewer the chances that your dress will lose its vibrancy.

Make sure you clean and preserve your dress immediately after the wedding so it’s not stained forever. You might want to opt for a professional cleaning service, since cleaning it yourself might do more harm than good.

With all the maintenance settled, you may want to add a set of cotton white gloves in the mix. This way, if you ever want to take the dress out and remember your happiest moment, you won’t risk dirtying it once again.  

Final Thoughts

Wedding dresses are a beautiful symbol of your special day, and should be taken care of properly before, during and after the wedding. Hopefully, this little guide will help you keep your dress nice and just as beautiful as your wedding day!

Tony Kantzavelos is the owner of LoveYourDress, specializing in dress cleaning, alterations, and repairs since 1986. He appreciates a tailor-made dress the most and loves sharing tips for customizing and taking care of almost any kind of dress.

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