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Special Bachelor Party Edition: Vegas Baby!

August 03, 2017


Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our special edition of our Bachelorette Party Series: The Bachelor Party.

We are straying from our usual bachelorette party themes for a one time blog for our male friends out there, aka our bros. So, grab a cold one and get reading.

Nothing screams bachelor party quite like Vegas does, but sometimes our wallets don't jump for joy when we try to get there. SO, we have come up with a party plan to host the most posh Vegas bachelor party without breaking the bank, or even without being in Vegas.



1. Food 

Food for this type of themed party is easy because Vegas offers really any food you'd like. But, if you are taking on the "high roller" persona for the day/weekend, you have to have some pretty fancy foods.

Our suggestion, have a surf and turf. Not only is that a high rolling staple for lots of Vegas resorts, but it is also a crowd pleaser. 

What's great about this option is that you can definitely go out for some delicious grub or you can grill up some steaks and boil some crab at the comfort of yours or a buddy's home.

Don't worry if you don't know how to grill a perfect steak, we have included a photo below for some help.

2. Drinks

Because you are trying to fulfill your inner Bond fantasies by throwing this party, the main drink of the night is of course, whisky. Whisky is a broad alcoholic drink because under it falls Bourbon, Scotch, Rye and more. So, we suggest you grab a bottle of each type of Whisky and let your bros decide which drink on the rocks they are sticking to. 

Learn your whisky, boys!

3. Invites

Now that your food is all planned out, you probably should invite your wolf pack. Now-a-days most invites are via text or Facebook, but c'mon, physical invitations call for a great keepsake and memory holder.

Keep the invites short and to the point. The invite below is a perfect example of the simplicity of the invite needed, we would, however, suggest mentioning it is Vegas theme and to dress appropriately for that.

4. Outfits

Dressing for the occasion is of course a biggie so ensure you and your henchmen are dressed to impress. Dress like you're Bond, James Bond. Whether you are full out in a tuxedo, or dress pants and dress shirt; you'll be sure to impress onlookers with your spiffy, clean-cut look. 

5. Decor

The decorations for this party need to be similar to the environment of Vegas. Having a whisky bar beside a round poker table is the best way to go. Yes, poker tables can be a little pricey and we are trying to save money here, SO, click the photo below to learn how to make your own poker table. *Cough* Best Man duties *Cough*.

6. Game Ideas

Do we even need to tell you which games to play!? I mean, Vegas themed, you must know what we're about to say: CASINNNOOOO. Any casino games you find fun, do them. In #5: Decor, I mentioned making a poker table. You can play plenty of card games there; 5 hand draw, texas hold 'em, black jack, the list goes on.

Hold a poker tournament with a $20 spending cap. Then, no one spends too much money and the winners still get a decent payout. 

7. Hashtags

A fun way to keep track of photos and to have fun with social media is to give your party a hashtag. This way all your bros can add photos and add your hashtag - allowing you to go through your social media and see pictures you may (or may not) remember!

Some fun Vegas bachelor party hashtags are:

  • #VegasBaby
  • #JoeAndTheWolfPack
  • #WhatHappensWithJoeStaysWithJoe
  • #JoesBachEntourage
  • #TeamJoe

8. Surprises from S.O

If you're reading this and you are the significant other of the man whose party this is, here are some surprise gift ideas for you to give him!

  • His favourite whisky: Get him a nice fancy whisky for his night or weekend away. This shows you paid attention to his whisky preferences and know he is going to look like a total boss popping open this expensive bottle.
  • On the rocks whisky glass: give your favourite dude a whisky glass that will keep his drinks cold all night long. This kit, from Indigo, includes a silicone ice molds that make an ice ball that perfectly swirls around the bottom of the glass always keeping his drink on the rocks. 

Thanks for reading you fine gentlemen. 

Happy bachelor party planning!

- Amelia

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