Should You Offer Cannabis at Your Wedding?

December 29, 2018

Should You Offer Cannabis at Your Wedding?

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, the question that begs to be asked is: will we see cannabis take its place beside alcohol as a different kind of option for wedding guests? We've heard of some couples who were so overjoyed with the recent legalization, that they had a cannabis themed wedding! However, for most, the decision to incorporate cannabis into their wedding involves thinking about if it should be offered to your guests. BridesMade has complied a quick list of things to consider.



Your venue plays a large part in whether or not you will even be able to have cannabis at your wedding. Since legalized marijuana is relatively new to Canada, many venues have not switched over to allowing it on their property. If they do allow it, there is likely a designated smoking area. The best thing to do is talk with your venue about your options. Also consider if your venue is located somewhere that most people will be driving to (and from), and ensure that they get home safe and do not drive high. If you are going to offer cannabis, be sure to offer safe options for everyone to get home.


Audience + Mood of the Party

When considering marijuana for your wedding reception, consider who will be at your wedding. Is your guest list 75% family? Do you want your Great Aunt Nancy to see all of your guests high? Plus, you need to ask yourself if you and your hubby even enjoy getting high or are you just feeling the pressure to offer it based on your guests’ preferences? If you do not enjoy it, then don’t do it! Remember, your wedding is for you

 wedding guests

The Cost

We all know open bars can get costly, and now, so can offering marijuana. You and your hubby need to determine if this is a cost that you are able and actually want to afford. Some ways to save when offering cannabis at your wedding is to grow your own (or some) prior to the wedding or send some home as a wedding favour (to limit the amount that everyone has access to, and great for safety purposes too).

How are you going to offer it?

If you do opt to offer cannabis to your guests, one thing you want to consider is the form in which you are going to distribute it. The most discrete form is edibles; however, these are not yet legal for purchase in Canada. Edibles are expected to become legal in about a year, so it is perfect to consider for 2020 weddings. Or, ask the venue if you are welcome to make your own special treats at home (just be aware of how much TCH is in each treat!). Until then, oils is another option for discrete consumption. If the smell of smoke is not something of concern, more traditional methods of consumption can be used. Recently, “budtending” has become more popular. Hiring someone to distribute cannabis, similar to how bartenders serve alcohol, can help to ensure safe consumption for all guests. Budtenders help guests choose the right consumption method and amount, and can answer any questions they may have.



There are lots of things to consider when deciding to offer cannabis at your wedding. As it becomes less taboo and more mainstream, you will be able to see how other couples incorporate it at their weddings, which will help you decide if it is best for you. Remember that it's your wedding and your decision, and do only what you are comfortable with! 



- The BridesMade Team

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