Realistic Proposal Ideas from Real Women

August 27, 2017

Realistic Proposal Ideas from Real Women

Let me guess, you've googled around and found a TON of articles on engagement proposal ideas that would either cost a months salary or just is way too "showy" for a chill couple. So, rather then slap unrealistic expectations for your S.O. to have to obtain, show them this article of real women sharing their dream proposals. Then, of course, give them some hints for your own!

MadeMaid #1 Dream Proposal

"I'm all about the big gesture, and love a well thought-out and planned surprise. I love to help plan a surprise birthday or bachelorette party for my friends, and go all out for other special events. You only get one chance for the perfect proposal - so let's make it fun as we can!

I think my dream proposal would be in one of my favourite places, where the S.O.-to-be would have pre-planned a surprise that other people (either friends, family, or even just the employees at a really fun restaurant) were in on it. For example, there's this really cool restaurant in NYC where all of the employees are aspiring Broadway stars who perform during your meal. Take me there, and pre-plan with the servers that you're going to cut in in the middle of Frankie Valli's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" or Bruno Mars' "Marry You", and you'll get the yes. Think about all the free celebratory drinks from the other guests..."

MadeMaid #2 Dream Proposal

"I really want my proposal to be something the two of us remember forever, I'm all about the romantic gesture especially when it comes to a proposal. I'd really like them to propose in a location that means a lot to us whether that means the place we had our first date, or have some fond memory that lives there. It would not be super public, as I'd like it to just be the two of us when my S.O is gushing his love! Even though no one would be around to hear the proposal, a photographer would be hiding somewhere to capture our special moment; a picture carries a thousand words and I know I'll never want to forget that moment. 

In regards to the ring itself, I do want a hand in picking it out. I'm obsessed with beautiful engagement rings and am guilty of being a little picky. With all that said, I do want my future hubby to love it as much as I do. Dream ring = 2 carat round or oval center stone with a double edge halo and a thin diamond covered band.

As for after the proposal, we'd go to a friends or family's house to tell them the great news and I would be surprised by all my closest friends and family there to celebrate with me.

Oh, and if a puppy is somehow given to me during the proposal, he is guaranteed a yes."

MadeMaid #3 Dream Proposal

"I think I’m different than most women in that I’d prefer the entire engagement to be a surprise – including the ring! Most of my engaged/married friends have had a pretty big hand in choosing their ring, and while I do understand their desire to ensure that the piece of jewelry they’re wearing for the rest of time is of their taste, I really don’t share that preference. I don’t want to know when he’s ring shopping or what he’s picked out. He knows my style pretty well by now (and the fact that it’s pretty simple) so I imagine he’ll be able to pick something out that suits me, or perhaps enlist a friend who is good at keeping secrets for help.

In terms of the engagement itself, since I like surprise I’ll leave the creativity out of this response. That being said, the following are a few general “criteria for the perfect proposal” in my books:

Surprise – I’m sure it’s clear by now, but I don’t want to know that it’s coming. That being said, if he could somehow make sure that my nails are done – without blowing the cover - that’d be ideal!

Romantic – I’d love for it to make my heart beat extra fast, even before the ring comes out. Since our story of how we met isn’t that exciting (but of course, the fact we met is all that matters) I hope the engagement story is something that is cute and fun to tell later!

Personal – I’m different than many in that I’d want this to be something where it’s just us. Of course we’ll take photos for social media later, but I don’t want the actual popping of the question to be in public. Something quiet and romantic where we can be in the moment, just the two of us, is what I dream of.

Timing – In my mind, it’d be a great way to spruce up what was just an ordinary day otherwise. I’d prefer if it wasn’t on our anniversary, a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. – those days already have reason to celebrate!"

Now that you've read some other women's dream engagement, what is yours?

Thanks for reading and happy proposing!

- Amelia