Practical Gifts For Your Groomsmen

September 16, 2017


What do you get the squad that stands behind your groom on your special day?

Lets be honest, they probably wont settle for the same silk bathrobe with matching slippers that your ladies will love (and if they will, that's aweome #squadgoals). At the same time, do you want to feed into their gaming addiction? Probably not.

However, we are all about practicality - we want you to gift something they will actually put to good use!

Here is a quick list of 5 practical gift ideas for your groomsmen:

1. Edison Amp Wood Gramophone Cell Phone Speaker 
How neat? Old-school meets modern day technology! This is definitely a great go-to gift for any guy in our books.


2. Tickets to a Sporting Event
This could range from tickets to a local sporting event, or tickets to see the big playoff game. Get creative here, pair it up with tickets for a brewery tour or even a movie! This is a great way for the guys to all get together even after the big day.


3. Harry's Winston Set 
An American start-up founded on one simple message: shopping for razors shouldn't be painful. They provide their customers with a classy and unique shopping experience. Additionally, the companyt donates a percentage of each of their sales to organizations that help people get ready - such as City Year and Year Up.

The Winston Set is the perfect starter set for your groomsmen. You also have the option to engrave and personalize each razor!


4. Hangover Kit
We did say we're all about practicality, didn't we? Likely a gift that can be put to good use the morning after your big day. Pair it up with a bottle of their favourite liquor, and you'll be certain they'll be reaching for this gift the next day.


5. Salami of the Month Club 
Again, practical. What guy doesn't love food? This gift delivers 12 different salamis - crafted from northwest pork using old-world technique - to your front doorstep each month. Included with the monthly meats are tasting notes and examples of how Salumist Elias Cairo likes to enjoy them



And there we have it! Happy gift-giving,

- Kristina

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