Partner Profile: Let's Make It

January 26, 2017

Partner Profile: Let's Make It

Today's Durham Pop-Up Party partner profile, is the wonderful Catherine from Let's Make It. Catherine runs a local studio that brings her lifelong love of DIY, crafting, and teaching, to the local Durham community. She will be running 3 workshops during our Pop-Up Party this Saturday, January 28th, where attendees will have fun making a variety of products. Be sure to register for a complimentary workshop if you haven't done so already! Learn more about Catherine and what she has to offer here:

Tell us about your business, and what makes you uniquely different?

We offer opportunities for adults to explore and discover their creative interests in a variety of venues, including our studio in Richmond Hill.

How did you get started?

Let's Make It evolved from research and active involvement in such areas as sustainability, teaching and learning, social entrepreneurship, and community development.

What’s the most difficult/interesting hurdle you’ve had to come across in helping plan a wedding?

With so many options, it can be difficult to make decisions!

How has this business changed you?

Let's Make It has deepened my commitment working within creative enterprises. 

Who/what inspires you?

The transformative power of creativity.

What should attendees expect from you at the BridesMade Pop-Up Party?

Get ready to make something that will make you happy!


Thanks for reading the partner profile,