6 Hairstylists' Top Tips For Outdoor Wedding Hairstyles

June 20, 2018

outdoor wedding hairstyles

This is a guest post written by various hairstylists from across Canada.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding can be a lengthy process. It usually involves hours pouring over Pinterest, at least one consultation with a hairstylist and lots of perseverance! 


When you add in the logistics of having to find a hairstyle you love but also a hairstyle that will keep you looking amazing all night in the summer heat- well, that's when you bring in the experts!


That's why we reached out to hairstylists all over Canada to give their top tips for bridal parties who are having outdoor weddings! These tips will help you find the perfect hairstyle for the upcoming outdoor wedding.



Lead Makeup Artist & Hairstylist
I Do Beauty Co.
Toronto, ON, Canada.

1. Be realistic

"A hair tip that I give to all my brides is to be realistic about their hair expectations. If you are having an outdoor ceremony in the middle of summer, you have to keep in mind the likelihood of humidity which can ruin even the most prepped hairstyles. Although hair down and curled is a popular pick among brides, it’s typically not the best choice if you know your hair doesn’t stand a chance against extreme heat."

2. Alternative

"An alternative way to make for a longer lasting hairstyle is to do a loose up do. Having hair properly backcombed and pinned will give hair enough structure to last all day and night.  Also using humidity resistant hair products including a setting hairspray will help keep the frizz at bay."



Carley Chamberlain 

Lead Artist and Beauty Director
Carley Artistry Makeup & Hair
Toronto, ON, Canada

1. Beat the heat

"Summer in Toronto is incredibly hot, which is amazing for the beach, but not so stellar for getting dolled up. The stifling heat and humidity in mid August can leave some easy breezy styles falling flat. Your stylist will need to spray product liberally to avoid frizz and fallout, so be prepared for that. If you don’t want to worry about your hair throughout the day, summer is a great time to try a more structured updo. If you are going for a more boho vibe and can tolerate a little bit of organic texture, a down style with small details like braids might be for you."

2. Necklines

"It’s important to consider not only the weather, but also your dress neckline. If you’re wearing a high-necked gown, consider an updo to give your neck length, and beat the heat. Strapless dress styles seem to scream for long cascading waves or bouncy curls, but you can easily pull those waves to the side with some pins! Keeping them off the back of your neck and contained ensure the curl lasts longer."

3. It starts at home

"A great hair style starts at home! Sun and heat can strip hair of it’s natural moisture so make sure you’re conditioning often. Skip hot tools and embrace your natural texture whenever you can. It’s tempting to grow your hair like Rapunzel for a wedding, but often I’m seeing long damaged hair in my chair. Regular trims are necessary to keep the hair shaft strong and healthy. Dead ends don’t smooth out during styling and can give your style a rough finish, so keep the trims up to date for results."



Demitrik Gorasso

Senior Stylist and Colourist/Manager 
Clique Organic Salons
Kitchener, ON, Canada

1. Prepare

"A good base will ensure a great result! I suggest to most of my brides that they come in the day before for a blow out. Not only is having someone else do your hair relaxing, it help insures a clean, smooth and low product base for your stylist to work with the next day. Although this does add to the “day before stress”, it will give you peace of mind for the following day & not to mention you will look fabulous at your rehearsal dinner!"

2. The back up plan

"When you are getting married in the great outdoors, the only thing that is for sure is we can not control mother nature! It is key that when you come to your trial you consider what the weather conditions could do to your look. More often than not, wearing your hair down in an outdoor wedding ends up a frizzy situation. If your first choice is to wear your hair down for your big day, at your trial run through possible back up scenarios with your stylist (like possibly putting your hair up or half up). That way on your big day you are ready for whatever mother nature has planned!"

3. Look don’t touch

"The same way you would never want someone to touch your dress for fear of staining, as a stylist we do not really want you touching your hair, and here's why... Once your hair is styled, set, sprayed and shined, there is a fair amount of product in your hair to keep it perfect. When you touch your finished style whether it is up or down there is the risk of having sections fall out of place. Anything that is on your hands, from anything you touch is adding unwanted shine or frizz when you then touch your hair. Most of all once your stylist has gone over with a fine tooth comb that is the smoothest the hair is going to be. It is placed, laid and sprayed to perfection. Doing your best to avoid disturbing that layer will help ensure your style lasts!"

bridal hairstyle


Katie D'Souza

Bridal hair couture by Katie
Toronto, ON, Canada

1. Choose a style that has been SECURED. 
"I have found since the rising popularity of hair and makeup styles seen on fashion icons such Kim Kardashian, many brides and their bridal parties are opting for more sexy, hair down looks that have that “just rolled out of bed” undone appeal. However, while a simple undone look like this can be fashion forward, it doesn’t fare very well when exposed to the outdoor elements! 
There needs to be a balance between undone / simple and messy / unkept. If your priority is keeping your look 100% from morning to night, opt either for an Upstyle, ponytail or; for those who love hair down styles, something pinned to the side or what I call a 3/4 Updo ( a style that is a bit more pinned up than a half Updo ). Vintage waves are also a fabulous choice! Because the hair is set tightly in one direction, the waves lock together and reinforce each other for a long lasting shape. See below for my best style choices for outdoor weddings:"
2. Accept that the weather/environment WILL change your hair, no matter how experienced your hairstylist is.
"There is a secret science to hair and it’s ability to hold shape. Hair stylists use a combination of heat or moisture (by way of hot tools and hair products) to transform the internal physical bonds inside your hair that are responsible for it’s shape (be it curly, straight etc.). 
Because our outdoor environment has both a combination of water (humidity, body perspiration) and heat (sunlight, body heat), being exposed to these elements will also transform your hair’s shape. Go easy on your stylist if you find the style you started with, ends up looking very different after your summer, outdoor ceremony! We do our very best to create durable hairstyles but ultimately science always has the upper hand."
3. Book a RETURN REFRESH or RESTYLE appointment, prior to your reception.
"With all the above said, my strongest recommendation to brides and their bridal parties who are having an outdoor wedding is to book 2 appointments with your hairstylist on your wedding day. One for the initial styling prior to the ceremony, and a return appointment for touch ups after photos and before your big entrance to your reception. This is also a great opportunity to change up your look if you wish! Surprise everyone at the reception with a completely different style!"

Lindsay Jean

Senior Hairstylist & Makeup Artist 
Shear Escape Salon and Spa
Regina, Saskatchewan
1. Embrace texture!
"You’re going to be outside all day - and that means you’ll be exposed to the elements. Wind, dirt, humidity and maybe even some rain (it’s good luck, don’t worry!). Choosing a style that’s intentionally textured through the use of the right products is always better than having a super coiffed style winding up looking disheveled due to weather. Boho, lived-in vibes are still trending so jump on that bandwagon."
2. Tie it down.
"We just finished saying texture is in. But a hot, wind blown mess definitely isn’t. Low ponytails and loosely curled mermaid braids are great options to ensure your style keeps that effortless vibe while lasting all day."
3. Accessorize!
"Adding some visual interest to your style is a hot look for this wedding season. Having a garden wedding? Pop a few fresh or fake flowers into your finished style. Or maybe you’re getting hitched on the beach? Glue a few shells from your local craft store to a bobby pin and you have unique hair pieces to jazz up your look."


Amy Griffiths

Owner/Lead Hairstylist
Bridal Hair Collective
Toronto ON, Canada

1. Hydrate

"Having an outdoor wedding means that you will be dealing with humidity and hair that has the potential to frizz or become fly-away! Hydration is the secret to conquering frizz and fly-aways. Tame your mane in the lead-up to the wedding by topping up the moisture levels with weekly hydrating treatments, and leave-in moisture creams + oil based serums. Stop the moisture routine a week prior to the wedding to ensure your hair won't be weighed down with extra moisture."

2. Bedhead

"Waking up your wedding day morning with a serious case of bedhead is not the best start to picture perfect hair especially when you will also be dealing with the outside elements. Invest in a hair-friendly silk pillow case to help reduce static, frizz and to preserve your fresh blow-out which is the foundation for your wedding day hairstyle."

3. Updos

"All hair types come with limitations and the location of the wedding day should be a factor when choosing a wedding hairstyle. Updos, especially braids, are fantastic for the warmer humid months and outdoor celebrations as they will stay in place all day leaving you with one less thing to worry about. If updo’s aren't for you consider your natural texture and try to work with it. If your hair is naturally frizzy or fly-away consider a beach wave texture or hairstyles they are undone and imperfect avoid very polished looks like vintage/glamour waves as they will become untidy or frizzy in humidity and windy conditions."

4. Be prepared

"We are all about preventative measures and one of the best ways you can prepare the hair for an outdoor ceremony is with the right products. Your outdoor hair survival kit should contain a travel sized hair spray that does not contain water (hairspray that is water-free is drier and will help combat frizz), a few Bobbie pins, anti-humidity spray is a must for those hot humid days and last but not least a bounce dry sheet comes in handy for static fly-away hair." 

Photo by Corynn fowler photography


And there you have it, 6 wedding professionals' top tips for your outdoor wedding hairstyle! We hope you loved the insight from these wonderful Canadian hairstylists.

Lots of Love,


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