Must-have apps for your wedding!

June 02, 2017

Must have appetizers for your wedding

Organizing and implementing a wedding is a TON of hard work. With planning comes a lot of small and large tasks that arise daily, and they are all very important for the flow of the big day!

Although we sometimes curse the ever changing technological world, we have to give it props sometimes. It has brought about millions of phone apps that will make a brides life much easier to manage!

So, here it is! The top 7 apps you must have for your wedding.

1.  Uploading Photos

When your wedding day comes along you will see tons of people taking photos - whether they be of you, your S.O. or some of the bridal party. But, will you ever see those photos!? Most likely not unless you plan on reaching out to every guest who attends your wedding. WeddingPics is an application that guests can download, go to your specific wedding page, then immediately upload their photos onto the app. Once the photos are uploaded, they become private to you and the guests.

wedding photo album app 

2. Floor Plan Management

Creating a floor plan/seating plan is like playing jigsaw - trying to place everyone in the right place. You can absolutely make your floor plan the traditional way, with pen and paper, OR you could download allseated. AllSeated is an app tool that allows you to create your floor plan, input your guest list, and move all your guests around on the floor plan to find them the perfect seat. To ensure you like the setup when your done, you can even view your space in 3D.


3. Wedding Style Help

Pinterest is amazing for wedding inspiration help, but you can't see the different locations the dress you love is held with the click of a button. Wedding LookBook by The Knot is an application that shows you thousands of wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, engagement rings, and other wedding accessories. The one difference this app has from Pinterest, is that if you find an item you like, you can see where the item is available! You can either purchase it immediately, or book an appointment at the bridal boutique with the click of a button. 

wedding online app wedding dresses


4. Your Perfect Hairstyle

Scrolling through Pinterest I'm sure you see thousands of beautiful hairstyles you would love to wear on your wedding day. Having to choose between them is a nerve wracking process - I mean, it's the hairdo you are going to wear on your WEDDING day. What if you choose something you love on paper, but once its done, you don't like it!? Your Perfect Hairstyle is an app that allows you to try on hundreds of hairstyles in various lengths, and in various colours. All you have to do is upload a selfie, then play around with all the styles!


5. Colour Coordination

Choosing colours that coordinate well is a gift given to some ladies, but lacking in others (#guiltyascharged). Check out Pantone for all your colour scheme needs. This app allows you to apply, build, or create palettes to test on actual 3D items. In addition, it shows you colours that harmonize well together to ensure your colour scheme is well executed.

colour pantone app


6. Task List & Budgeting 

Wedding planning, as mentioned earlier, consists of many tasks; small and big. Sometimes, trying to remember every task is nearly impossible to do. Wedding Planning Complete is an app that not only keeps track of all your wedding tasks, but also has a budget tracker to ensure you stay within your budget guidelines. In addition, you the app has a guest list tool complete with an RSVP tracker, and allows you to share all this information with your bridal party who downloads this app. Added bonus: when you open the app, it has a countdown until your wedding!


7. #Genius

This last item is not an application to download, but is a simple website. Wedding Wire created a hashtag generator, where you can simply input some generic information about you and your future husband and it automatically spews different hashtags to use for your wedding. Using a hashtag on a wedding is another item that is fun for guests to use, but also allows you to see some photos you might not have seen otherwise. 

Some examples of my hashtags were: #Alwaysand4everTatum #ItsTatumTime #TatumSquared #AmeliaandChanningTieTheKnot

And the answer is yes, I input Channing Tatum's name as my fiance's name... a girl can dream. 


Happy wedding planning,


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