Money Saving Tips for Groomsmen

June 30, 2018

Money Saving Tips for Groomsmen

Being a groomsman is an honour and no one wants the stress of money to take away from that. Whether we like it or not, being a part of the bridal party can be expensive! If you don't watch your spending you can easily blow through thousands and not even realize it!


But don't fret! There are ways to save money as a groomsman that are easy and still let you get to stand up next to your guys on the groom's big day. Follow these tips and you'll be surprised with how easy and stress-free it can be to be a groomsman!


Set a budget

This may seem intuitive when you are trying to save money but it's actually something that a lot of groomsmen overlook. If you start out the wedding process with a budget in mind, then you will know exactly how your bank account will look at the end of the wedding. No surprises!

Take the time to send your budget to the couple to see if they think it is realistic. There's no point making a budget that you won't end up sticking to!



money saving tips for groomsmen

One of the main things that are required of you as a groomsman is to wear what the couple wants you to. That may include linen pants and a button down shirt (think beach weddings), but it also may include a suit or tux, a tie, dress shoes and socks. Whatever style the couple chooses, the amount you spend on the wedding attire can add up quickly! 

1. One thing to note is that you can often rent your suit or tux! This is great if the outfit you need to get is something you won't wear again. 

2. If you have any sway in the outfit decisions, try to get the couple to decide on a suit rather than a tux. A suit can be equally as stylish at a fraction of the cost!

3. If the couple is pretty relaxed, they may be okay with the groomsmen wearing suits they already own. Then you can coordinate with the groomsmen with ties, socks or vests. 

4. Buy accessories you'll actually wear again. Try to get the groomsmen to buy ties, vests, and socks that are classic so you can wear them again!


Bachelor party 

groomsmen budget

The bachelor party is one of the major elements of the wedding that falls on the groomsmen's shoulders. And it's probably something you're really looking forward to. Don't worry though, just because you're looking to spare your bank account doesn't mean you can't have an awesome party. 

1. Cut the costs drastically by picking a destination that is local. Airfare is expensive for everyone, and most things can be done close to home anyways!

2. Going to the casino? Set a budget for the night so that you don't go overboard!

3. Try an alternative bachelor party idea. Bring it back to basics and consider camping, an uninterrupted weekend with the boys. You can bring your own drinks and cook your own food to save money and can do activities like hiking, boating or cliff jumping. 



Gifts can get expensive fast. Ask the groomsmen if they want to go all in on a group gift instead! A group gift can help everyone save - something every groomsman will be thankful for! 


Follow these tips so you can enjoy being a groomsman while still have money left in the bank once you walk away after the wedding!


Happy Saving!



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