How to Make a Menu for Guests with Dietary Restrictions

August 11, 2018


From guests with severe food allergies, to vegan enthusiasts to those with gluten-sensitivities, the list of dietary restrictions is pretty extensive these days. So when it comes to planning the menu for your wedding day, it's important and thoughtful to take the dietary restrictions of your guests into consideration. That way, you can be assured that ALL guests will enjoy their meal and go home feeling great! We’ve pulled a few tips together for you to make sure you plan a perfectly delicious menu that is inclusive for everyone on your guest list.

Ask on the invite

The first and simplest step to handling guests’ dietary restrictions is to ask! Consider adding a space on your RSVP cards that asks guests to explain any food allergies or restrictions they may have. If many guests end up having the same dietary restrictions, this may influence your menu choices right from the get go, making your life easier!  


Work with your caterer

Start the conversation with your caterer early re: dietary restrictions. The more time you give them in advance, the better! Working together to create a suitable menu that fits your vision will be a ton of fun. Plus, they are trained professionals and definitely have a few tasty tricks up their sleeve to whip up some innovative options.


Be transparent with the menu 

In advance of the big day, it is a great idea to provide guests who have dietary restrictions with a copy of the menu that includes a break down of all ingredients. This way these guests can review the recipe and give you the OK early and you will avoid any last minute hiccups.


Labels, labels, labels

If your wedding will have any sort of buffet option, make sure you clearly label the food! Trust us, labelling = your new BFF. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc… these labels will be a life saver. Guests can avoid having to ask a million questions before grabbing a bite, and serving staff will not be distracted by trying to answer them.

Keep foods seperate

Cross contamination of food is common and can create big issues for people with dietary restrictions. Communicate with your caterer and serving staff to ensure that any food that may trigger an allergy attack is kept completely separate and far away from other food. This applies in the kitchen, with servers and on the buffet table. Keep your nut-free options as far away as possible from your walnut brownies to avoid a disaster.


Diverse dessert

When it comes to dessert, some guests may be gluten or dairy-free but that doesn’t mean they should miss out! By all means, don’t skip out on a decadent wedding cake with frosting but make sure that you offer other options too. Create a sweets table that is friendly for all, and don’t forget to include those labels!


We hope this helps you prepare an amazing menu that your guests absolutely love. Keep in mind that some guests may have such severe allergies that they are not able to eat what is provided because of the risk. But don’t take offense, just do your best to keep them comfortable and enjoy your day. Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life, and a few dietary restrictions are nothing you can’t handle!


Happy Planning,


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