Marriage Advice from Real Married Couples

November 29, 2017

Marriage advice from married couples

Marriage is hard work, of that we can be sure. But what does it actually take to have a healthy and happy marriage? We here at BridesMade understand that we can't have all the answers, so we asked real married couples to share their secrets on what makes a successful marriage: 

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"Our best tip is to be completely honest about everything with your partner!!! This is much harder than one would think( especially when the couple is young). We believe that a couple understands this importance much more fully as we age or after having experienced divorce." 

-Paula and Greg, Married 1 year and 4 months


"Communicate with each other and never go to bed angry."

-Dan and Carol, Married 26 years

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"Respect one another. Have you ever been in a mall and heard married couples speak harshly to one another? How did they get there? Don't they remember the beginning? Always speak kindly and respect one another. This doesn't mean there won't be frustrations or hardships but always keep that level of respect high and remember the needs of each other." 

-Susan and Todd, Married 29 years


"Laugh with each other."

-Tammy and Brian, Married 17 years

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"Try new things together and great shared experiences."

-Emily and Robert, Married 54 years


"Always be forgiving of each other." 

-Sarah and Michael, Married 35 years


"Hang up a lot of pictures of your younger selves, so you always remember how good-looking your partner was!" 

-Betty, Married for 42 years 

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"Get excited about your spouse's accomplishments and achievements; celebrate together!"

-Jessie and John, Married 3 years 


"Don't forget to hug each other. It seems so simple, but daily hugs can help you feel so connected to each other."

-Brenda and Phil, Married 44 years 

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We wish all our brides happy and healthy marriages!


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