Maid of Honour Speech Writing Tips

July 07, 2018

Maid of Honour Speech Writing Tips

The big day is just around the corner and it is up to you, the maid of honour, to write that absolutely memorable speech that brings the audience to tears. No pressure, right? JK! We know it's a lot of pressure, so that's why we’ve created a complete guide to creating a maid of honour speech that is unforgettable and lets your BFF know how much she truly means to you.

Here are 5 simple tips to knock it out of the park!


Take it Seriously

A maid of honour speech is a privilege and big responsibility. Try writing the speech a month before the wedding and have someone you trust edit your work. If you put honest thought and time into it, the speech is guaranteed to bring the bride to life!


Tell Stories

Stories resonate, so don’t be afraid to get personal. Instead of saying that the bride is “a really great friend” tell a story that explains WHY she is such a great friend.

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Pause After a Joke

Give the audience a chance to understand the joke and some time to have a laugh about it! Avoid the mistake of moving on too quickly and ruining the flow. On that note, make sure your humour is tasteful humour and don’t use this maid of honour speech as an opportunity to test out your stand up comedy career.


Keep it Short and Sweet

Try not to ramble on or you will begin losing the audience. They are here for a good time, not a long time – so remember that less is more!


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Practice, practice, practice

But don’t memorize! Your speech should sound natural and not robotic. Practice reading aloud and in front of friends and family for feedback. On the day of, bring notes up with you, but only use them to jog your memory. Don’t forget to make eye contact with the audience as much as possible.

Just about everyone gets butterflies when they are speaking in front of a large crowd, no stress! Remember, you are the maid of honour for a reason and no matter what you say, it will mean the world to the bride.

Happy Writing!



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