Last Sail Before The Veil, Nautical Theme

June 16, 2017


For any beach bums, water lovers, or captains of the (relation)ship, this bachelorette theme is just for you. Hit the sea with your favourite girls, or even just hang around at a besties pool. Either way - tide's out, bride's out!



1. Food 

Nautical themed themed food is pretty awesome because there is no real "nautical themed" type food unless you want to serve some fish. But, if you're being a mermaid for your nautical themed party...isn't that cannibalism? 😉

For food, make whatever types of food you'd like, all the theme is within' the labels! Label the food with some creativity: bait, floatie, catch of the day, seaweed dip, bobbers, lifesavers, etc. 

2. Drinks

You girls need your ocean potion to become mermaids for the night so of course, we've chosen our fav nautical recipe to share with you; Ocean Potion Cocktail from

To make a pitcher, you will need

  • 2 shots of Blue Curacao
  • 2 shots of Malibu
  • 2 shots of Peach Schnapps
  • 7 Up or Sprite


Fill your pitcher half full with crushed ice, add all the alcohol then top up the rest of the pitcher with either 7 Up or Sprite. Mix and enjoy!


3. Invites

Now that your food is all planned out, you probably should invite your girls. Keep the invites nautical theme based with primarily blue colours. A witty addition to the text of the invite is to make it seem like you are setting sail even if you are just chilling at a pool.


4. Outfits

Dressing for the occasion is of course a biggie so ensure you and your bride tribe, or in this case your bridesmates, are dressed to impress. Choose an outfit based on whether your staying dry on land or wet at sea!

5. Decor

Decorating for this party will consist of bringing the sea and shore inside! Decorate with lots of blue stripes, anchors, seashells, sand, boats and fishing nets. A lot of this type of stuff can be total DIY.


6. Game Ideas

If you are throwing a nautical themed bachelorette, chances are you're either on a beach or on a boat! Since I'm sure you will all be dancing the night away water side, take a break to play a game of cards or ring toss. Sunnylife has great giant playing cards and a ringtoss perfect for some chill competition.


7. Hashtags

A fun way to keep track of photos and to have fun with social media is to give your party a hashtag. This way all your girlfriends can add photos and add your hashtag - allowing you to go through your social media and see pictures you may (or may not) remember!

Some fun nautical bachelorette party hashtags are:

  • #JanesLastSailBeforeTheVeil
  • #JanesNaughyNauticalBachelorette
  • #LetsGetShipFaced
  • #TyingTheKnot
  • #NautiCrew
  • #TidesOutBridesOut

8. Surprises from S.O

If you're reading this and you are the significant other of the lady whose party this is, here are some surprise gift ideas for you to give her!

  • Mate T-shirt: an adorable tank she'll be proud to wear around knowing shes going to be your wifey.
  • Pool Floaty: the theme is nautical which means your lady and her girls are going to be splashing around. Give them an opportunity for a photo-op on some cute pool floaties from


Thanks for reading brides and bridesmates.

Happy bachelorette party planning!

- Amelia

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