How To Throw A Small Wedding

November 10, 2018

How To Plan A Small Wedding

Small weddings are a must for couples that want an intimate day with their closest family and friends. What a small wedding lacks in number of guests it makes up for in charm. If you're planning on hosting a small wedding then keep reading because here's everything you need to know! 


The Guest List

When have a small wedding, it goes without saying, you are going to have to be choosy about who makes it onto the guest list. What it comes down to with small intimate weddings is not just about hitting a certain number, but making sure the guests on the list are truly your closest loved ones. You want to be surrounded by familiar faces one your big day so make sure you choose only those who you really want there!

the wedding guest list 

The Menu

Since you are hosting a smaller amount of people, you may have room in your budget to make the menu spectacular for each and every guest. By cutting down your guest list it becomes more manageable to throw a 4 course meal and offer some fancy drinks. 

How to throw a small wedding: the menu: table with plates and napkins

The Venue

Often venues have minimum guest requirements. In this case, you're venue will probably have to be something more unique. Think wineries, Airbnbs, Bed and Breakfasts, and other alternative venue options. Throwing a small wedding gives you the opportunity to get creative with your venue! Destination wedding? No problem. Mom's backyard? Perfect! 

how to throw a small wedding: the venue

The Entertainment

Since you've cut down the guest list, you'll be able to interact with each of your guests much more. Try to get them involved and have them be the entertainment! You could have some people sing a song, some people say a prayer, others say a speech and invite the rest to join in on a late night game. 

how to throw a small wedding: the entertainment

The Photographer

Throwing a small wedding certainly doesn't mean you don't need a photographer. Since your photographer will be capturing very intimate moments of your life, we recommend that you choose someone whom you trust and someone who understands your wedding vision. It's often best to get your engagement photos from the photographer first to make sure they're the right fit. 

how to throw a small wedding: photographer


And there you have it, everything you need to know about throwing a small wedding! We hope these tips will help you out while planning. If you are thinking about hosting a small destination wedding, then read more of our tips here


Happy Planning!


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