How to Survive Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

May 31, 2019

How to Survive Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Going to your first bridesmaid fitting can seem like a daunting task for the entire bridal party. What should be a fun experience with your girls can quickly turn into something you all dread if you don’t go into your appointment prepared. Thinking about a few simple questions before going into the appointment can relieve a lot of pressure from both the bride and the bridesmaids!


One of the first things we ask a bridal party when they come in for a fitting is if they have a colour in mind for their dresses or the wedding! It can be very overwhelming to see a row of colours if you have no idea where you want to start. Even knowing if you want a light or dark colour can help when your bridesmaids are trying on dresses. When deciding on a colour try asking yourself:

What colour will match the tone of my venue/theme?

What colour would look best on all by bridesmaids’ complexations?

What colour goes best with the season I am getting married in?


To match or not to match? That is the question. Knowing if you want your bridesmaids to wear matching styles is something that can help when going into your appointment. It is becoming more popular to have each bridesmaid wear a different style dress depending on what they find comfortable. If you know you only want them wearing floor length dresses it can save you a lot of time potentially wasted having them try on knee length dresses during the appointment. Styles can be decided on how conservative you want your wedding to be or how cold/hot it is going to be on your wedding day!


Discussing money with others will never be something we look forward to but it's a necessary task when purchasing bridesmaid dresses. Having this conversation before stepping into a boutique will save a lot of heartbreak and awkward conversations. If you go into a fitting without having this conversation, a stylist may put bridesmaids in dresses out of their budget. It would be very disappointing to fall in love with a set of dresses only to find out you can’t afford them. A great way to relieve some pressures surrounding money is looking for boutiques that allow bridesmaids to rent their dresses at a lesser cost, like BridesMade does!


How much bling do you expect from your bridesmaid dresses? Knowing this and looking into the most affordable ways of gaining this look will help you go into your first appointment prepared. If you would like to add accessories to your dresses you open up some of your options when shopping. Don’t shy away from the simpler dresses as it will often be less expensive for you to buy a simple dress and add a jeweled belt or necklace to it then it will be to purchase a blinged out glam dress.

Make bridesmaid dress shopping a fun and memorable experience for the whole bridal party, put in some preparation beforehand and enjoy the benefits during your appointment!

Happy planning!

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