How to Plan and Pack for Your Honeymoon

May 30, 2018

How To Pack For Your Honeymoon

Is your wedding coming soon and you've finally found some time to dedicate to the honeymoon planning? Don't worry, we've got you covered. The honeymoon is the fun part! Don't let the stress of planning freak you out. Follow these tips to plan your honeymoon smoothly!


Start a Honeymoon Fund

Everyone has a budget and sticking to that budget is so important, so you can enjoy your honeymoon without any guilt! But honeymoons can be expensive. If you're worried about expenses, a honeymoon fund is a great way to save extra cash to put towards your trip. It's also a great gift option for your guests and they will love knowing they helped contribute to your romantic getaway!


Consider hiring a travel agent

how to pack for your honeymoon

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Leave your honeymoon in the hands of the experts. Travel agents can help you save time and money when researching activities and excursions at your honeymoon location. They also are your go-to resource for any travel mishaps, like delayed flights, missed connections, and more. Take some stress out of planning the trip by enlisting a pro!


Find the right suitcase

Finding the perfect suitcase might not seem important but it actually is! Your suitcase is what's going to be holding your precious items that you bring with you and the ones you bring home with you. You’ll want a durable suitcase that will fit all your travel essentials, but don’t overpack. Overpacking will weigh you down and leave little room for interesting items or gifts you’d like to bring back with you.

That being said, don’t underpack either. Find a happy medium and make sure you have things you need to get through the trip without spending a ton of money on overpriced items at the resort or location you are travelling to.


Pack a practical travel outfit

We're not joking with this one. Trust me, you'll be thanking us later. Pick out a comfortable outfit ahead of time to travel in. Think sneakers, leggings or sweatpants, and layers just in case the plane is warmer or cooler than usual. You wouldn’t want to be stuck on a plane sweating or freezing, so plan accordingly.

    • Comfortable Essential: Tommy John’s underwear and undershirts. The boxer briefs and undershirts keep you cool and comfortable, and prevent  any riding up - especially important for long flights. The 360 Sport 2.0 underwear is even has a pocket to hold your phone and small items like keys, cash, and Tylenol. This is a great feature to keep the groom’s essentials in one place and prevents them from falling out of pockets or getting lost during the flight.


Pack the essentials

how to plan for your honeymoon

By essentials we mean pack in accordance to where you are going. This seems simple, but a tropical vacations will require way less clothing and take up less room than items required for a trip to the mountains, especially since you will be soaking up with sun most of the time in your swimwear. Don’t forget your SPF! You don’t want to miss out on any time during your vacation because of a bad sunburn. This hurts and would definitely bring down your trip!

    • Tropical Essential: sun hats, your favourite swimsuits and coverups, sunscreen, after sun lotion are a must for warm weather climates.


Just Relax

Your honeymoon is all about relaxing and spending time with the one you love. You probably have a bunch of fun activities planned together, which will be amazing! But also count on there being some down time, so don't forget some of your favourite things that help you relax.

    • Relaxing Essentials: Your favourite beach read. Soaking up the sun while reading your favourite book and listening to the sound of waves is simply paradise.


Honeymoon planning may seem stressful or overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. By following these tips you'll be able to skip all the stress and just enjoy your wedding and honeymoon!


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