5 Ways to Manage A Remote Bridal Party

August 03, 2017

Ways to manage a remote bridal party

Getting all your bridesmaids together 50 years ago was easy, you probably all lived in the same geological area. But now, your bestfriend may live across the country or even the world. We can blame or thank technology for all of its innovations. 

If you and your whole bride tribe live in the same area, you're very lucky. Most parties now involve at least one chicka whose hours upon hours of driving (or even a plane ride) away.

Below, we have wrote some tips and tricks on how to manage your remote bridal party to keep you ~somewhat~ sane. 

1. Be understanding

We know this sounds cliche, but the earlier you accept she's not going to be around as much as you hope, the less stressed or annoyed you will be. Put into perspective the cost and time it takes her to get to you and be sure to compromise.

2. Skype it up

Get all your bridesmaids to make Skype accounts and have a weekly meeting. It may be hard at first to organize a time and date that works for everyone, but once you have it set - make it a weekly reoccurring chat. This way your remote bridesmaids are in the loop and can assist in anyway possible.

skype wedding

3. Use their talents

Take advantage of your bridesmaid who is 650 miles away whose an awesome graphic designer. She can come up with your invites or any custom stationary. Find a talent your remote bridesmaid has and allocate some tasks her way that she can do even though she is far away.

4. Get your bride tribe to become #MadeMaids

BridesMade is super beneficial for remote bridesmaids. You simply rent your bridesmaid dresses completely online and they are guaranteed to fit when you receive them. If you do want to try them on before hand, you can order a sample box which we will ship to you for you to have for a few days to see how you like the dress. Check out our process here.


5. Pinterest everything

Let's be real here, almost every bride has their dream wedding pasted all over their Pinterest. Ensure your boards are public and share them with your girls. This way, they understand what your vision is for the wedding. Here, you can also post pictures to chat to your bridesmaids about. This way, rather than trying to explain something over the phone, they can simply take a look. 



There you have it, 5 tips and tricks to manage a remote bridal party. 

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