How to Help The Bride Find the Perfect Dress

December 22, 2018

How To Help The Bride Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping is so fun! Most brides have been dreaming of their wedding gown since they were just little girls. So what do you actually have to do if you are accompanying the bride to her bridal appointments? Follow these simple steps to help the bride find the perfect wedding dress for her wedding!

Go dress shopping

This might seem obvious, but to help the bride choose the perfect wedding dress, you actually have to go wedding dress shopping with her! This is going to be a timely affair and she may not choose the dress at the first boutique. But that's okay, be there for her, and remember - this is supposed to be fun!

Take photos

Sometimes brides are trying on multiple dresses and may go back and forth between a few gowns. Take photos of her in each dress so she can look back and easily remember exactly how the dress looked on her. This will help her stay organized!

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Keep her on budget

She may see a gorgeous dress on the rack, but if it's $5000 over budget - stay away! Don't let her fall in love with it by trying it on. There's nothing worse than having to walk away from THE dress because it doesn't fit into the budget.

Ask questions

If she's stuck on a dress, ask her questions that she may not be thinking of. Here are some of our go-to's:
  • Will this dress be too hot/cold for the big day?
  • Is the dress easy to move around in?
  • Will you look back in 10 years and still love the dress?

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Give your opinion

She asked you to come to her dress shopping adventures for a reason! She wants your opinion. If she loves a dress and you're not to keen on it, maybe keep it to yourself or let her know in a nice way that it's not your fav dress. Keep in mind her feelings, but also be honest!

Wedding dress shopping is many future brides' favourite part of the wedding planning process. Be happy to be apart of it and play your part into helping her find the perfect wedding dress!

Happy Shopping!


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