How To Decorate Your Country Wedding

January 19, 2019

How To Decorate Your Country Wedding

Everyone loves a good country wedding. Country weddings are special in so many ways. Laid back vibes, a loving atmosphere, and charming decor at every turn (and don't forget the best music)! If you're having a country wedding make sure you include some of these quintessential country wedding must haves!

Hay Bales

Does it get more country than this? Not surprisingly, hay bales are a staple for barn weddings. The rural charm and nostalgia that come with the sight of hay bales is enough to scatter your wedding with hay bale elements. How to use it? Line your aisle with hay bale seats for the ceremony or use hay bales for the bridal party and you to pose on for photos!

hay bale seating at wedding ceremony Photo from Lauren Lucia

bride sitting on a hay bale at her barn wedding


Ahhh, burlap, there's just something about you that we can't get over. For laid back and country vibes - burlap is a must! Wrap burlap around mason jars, use it as a table runner or make a sign out of it like the little guy below has!

burlap sign at barn weddingPhoto from Lori Caroline


There's nothing like classic gingham to make your guests feel right at home. If you want a country wedding then you better not skip over the gingham! Spruce up your dining tables with it or wrap it around your favours for a personal touch.

Mason Jars

Nothing says country wedding like sipping a drink from a mason jar! Use it as glasses for your guests or as decorative vases. Bonus: You may be able to round up enough mason jars from you and your relatives' basements to spare you another expense!

Mason Jar cups for rustic wedding

mason jar flower vases for a rustic wedding


Country weddings can be magical! We hope these decor ideas give you some wedding inspiration so you can have the rustic wedding of your dreams!


Happy Decorating!


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