How To Choose the Right Wedding Planner For You

September 12, 2018

How to choose the right wedding planner for you

This is a guest post by Melissa from Melissa Twist Events.

One of the main things to remember when you're trying to find your wedding planner is that you are going to spend a lot of time communicating with this person in the months leading up to the wedding date. It has to be the right fit from the first meeting so that you feel confident leaving one of the most special days of your life in this person’s hands. Working with a wedding planner can be a very intimate process, they are there for the highs and lows of the wedding planning process. Being able to have a great line of communication with your wedding planner and finding the right wedding planner that works for you is key .

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The planner needs to be able to bring your vision to life and take away the stress of the day so that you can feel comfortable to fully enjoy your special day. I always suggest to my potential couples to jump on a call or have a meeting (initial consultation) to make sure the planner is the right fit for the vision of your wedding. Make sure that the items that are most important to you can be met!

Melissa Twist Events Collingwood

You want a planner to be someone that fits your personality and style, but is also experienced enough to fully execute the type of event that you are looking for. You want to feel comfortable being able to express your ideas and concerns regarding the wedding and have them be able to understand your vision and priorities.

Here are my top 4 tips for choosing the planner for you:

Scope Them Out

Look at their website, Instagram and Facebook pages. Make sure their past work can fit in the style that you are looking for and also make sure that they have great and recent reviews.

Having a Connection

Make sure that there is great communication between you and that the planner understands your vision for your wedding day.

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Services & Budget

Make sure that their services fit what you are looking for, and that they meet your budget expectations.

Ask the Right Questions

I suggest that you have a list of the top 5 questions that are most important to you to gauge whether or not this particular planner is the best fit for your special day.


Happy Planning!

Melissa from Melissa Twist Events




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