Gifts for Father of the Bride

May 04, 2017

best father of the bride gifts

The Father of the bride is a very important person on the day of the wedding. They have a lot of duties and responsibilities that happen throughout the day, including walking their daughter down the aisle. They are the lead in the father-daughter dance, and traditionally give a speech. The speech can be heartfelt, but most likely will include some embarrassing (but funny) childhood memories. This day can be especially hard for fathers who look at their daughters as their little girls. Giving a memorable gift to the man who raised you is a touching way for your father to see that they’ll always be the first man you loved. Below are 5 cute, funny, and touching gifts to give to your father on the day of your wedding.


1. Embroidered Tie

father of the bride tie

A personal favourite of ours, this embroidered tie gives us all the warm fuzzies. The tie comes with a customizable message, along with the date of the wedding. This gift is extremely heartfelt and a great keepsake post-wedding.


2.  Socks for the Walk

father of the bride socks

These socks are a cute (and less expensive) gift for the father of the bride. Not only are they charming, the socks are just plain practical!


3. Personalized cufflinks

father of the bride cufflinks

This gift is something he can wear for the big day and for years after! He will love the personal touch and the reminder that you are always his little girl.


4. Wedding Flasks

father of the bride flask

This gift isn’t necessarily just for the father of the bride, but also for the father of the groom. A fancy embroidered flask for a special day – don’t mind if I do! This gift is a unique keepsake that also may help the Dads calm their nerves the day of the wedding.


And there you have it! 5 practical gift ideas any father of the bride would be grateful for.


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