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June 06, 2018

Unique wedding food dinner

This is a guest blog written by Chrissy Williams.

Planning your wedding catering should be one of the highlights - everyone loves thinking about food, right? However, feeding a large number of people with varying requirements can get expensive and stressful.

Thankfully, the top food trends of 2018 suggest a move towards playful and fun wedding food, giving you plenty of freedom to put your own unique stamp on it. Whether it’s champagne all the way or something a little more thoughtful and thrifty, your menu should represent you as a couple. Great wedding food always makes for a great atmosphere, so it’s time to bring your signature style to the table.


Get Creative

We’ve come a long way from the formal sit down wedding breakfasts. Of course, if that’s your heart’s desire, you can still enjoy one in all its splendour, but there’s no longer an expectation that that will be the case. So get creative with your catering and let your own personalities shine through.

Think about how you entertain at home, or your favourite meals with friends and family; the best times aren’t always the most expensive ones. You could arrange cold buffets in rainbow order for a vivid splash of colour, have pizza ovens firing as your guests mingle and choose their toppings, or create your own picnic atmosphere with blankets spread in the sunshine and boxes of individually wrapped sandwiches. Your day, your way.

Wedding food


Take Inspiration from your Dress

Why not let the beauty of your dress flow into the meal time too?  If your dress contains lace details, you could use lace trims on menus or tied simply around garden flowers for an inexpensive and pretty feature. You can even have lace imprints on donuts, one of the big food trends of the year!  

sleek 1920s style dress would look great with martini glasses dripping with flowers or pearls on crisp white table linen. More of a laid back, low-key bride? Edible flowers look stunning scattered through food, bringing bursts of colour and fun to the meal.  Arrange the seating less formally to create a relaxed chatty atmosphere, and hang flower garlands and lanterns for a feeling of festival chic as the sun goes down.

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Increasingly, couples are choosing their own path when it comes to wedding catering, and are no longer tied to formal sit down meals. This is good news for your budget, especially when the average wedding can cost an eye-watering $40,000.  

Feel free to bring your own personality and style to your wedding meal.  Choose food that will make you smile, and think about how people will eat it together. Whether it’s shared plates to encourage talking, or a menu that represents you as a couple, your wedding food can be a delicious part of your story.


This is a guest blog written by:

Chrissy Williams

Freelancer & Editor

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