Flannel Fling Before The Ring, Lumberjack Theme

June 29, 2017

Lumberjack Themed Bachelorette Party

For you chill outdoorsy girls, this theme is for you! You can easily transform this party into a lowkey night with your girls mowing on comfort food and sharing some bubbly, orrrrrr, you can get a little crazy and go ax throwing!


1. Food 

If you are a person who loves savoury food - this bachelorette party is JUST for you! If you are being a lumberjack for a day/weekend, you have to embody the lumberjack lifestyle. This includes comfort food -score! A delicious, but easy to make dinner is a chili bar. You can put chili on anything; fries, bread, potatoes, chips, the mouthwatering list goes on. This option is also easy if you or any of your friends have food restrictions - a vegetarian chili is easy to make! 

2. Drinks

The initial assumption with a lumberjack party is that it's a beer drinking fest and lets be real, it probably will be. But, if you are more of a liquor type girl or maybe just want a warm beverage to get your night started - we got you covered. Of course, we've chosen our fav lumberjack recipe to share with you; Spiked Apple Cider from

To make 1 drink, you will need

  • 6 oz of warmed apple cider
  • 1 oz of vanilla vodka
  • 1 oz of butterscotch schnapps


Using a heat safe cup, pour in the apple cider. If the cider is cold, microwave it for approximately 30 seconds. Mix in both alcohols and stir. Now, add some apple slices or cinnamon sticks as garnish. Voila!


3. Invites

Now that your food is all planned out, you probably should invite your girls. The idea of "Flannel, Fur and Fizz", sets the theme of wearing flannel or fur, while sippin' some bubbly - perfect for your lumberjack bachelorette!

4. Outfits

Dressing for the occasion is of course a biggie so ensure you and your bride tribe, or in this case your lumbermaids, are dressed to impress. My only suggestion to the shirt below, get something cute embroidered on it like "Bride Tribe" or "Squad"!


5. Decor

Decorating for this party will consist of bringing the outdoors in. Being a lumberbride or lumbermaid means you decorate with all things plaid and wood. Also incorporate plastic axes and beards where you can - it doubles as fun decor and props for your girls to put on.


6. Game Ideas

You know exactly the game I'm about to propose - AX THROWING! Locations offering this have become more common. The only thing with ax throwing is to plan it earlier in day, before your girls are a few drinks down - safety first! If you don't have an ax throwing location close to you or know your girls may a few too many drinks down before you go - you can always create ax throwing at home, with paper.

7. Hashtags

A fun way to keep track of photos and to have fun with social media is to give your party a hashtag. This way all your girlfriends can add photos and add your hashtag - allowing you to go through your social media and see pictures you may (or may not) remember!

Some fun lumberjack bachelorette party hashtags are:

  • #JanesFlannelFlingBeforeTheRing
  • #GlamLumberjackJam
  • #ChannelTheFlannel
  • #DanceYourAxOff
  • #LumberjackBash
  • #FlannelFur&Fuzz


8. Surprises from soon to be hubby or wifey

If you're reading this and you are the significant other of the lady whose party this is, here are some surprise gift ideas for you to give her!

  • Wifey plaid shirt: an adorable flannel she'll be proud to wear around knowing she's going to be your wifey.
  • S'mores: after the night out, your wife-to-be and her girls are going to come home hungry. Have some marshmallow-y, chocolate-y s'mores waiting for them. All those women will love you forever, promise. 
  • Bouquet of flowers: flowers are always a good idea! But, incorporate the theme of the bach party by getting a bouquet that has some more twigs or baby breath - push that lumberjack theme.

Thanks for reading the theme lumberbrides and lumbermaids, happy bachelorette party planning!

- Amelia

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