First Dance Songs Based on How You Met Your SO

October 28, 2017

First song ideas based on how you met

The first dance song is going to be the most important song played at your wedding reception. For this reason, there is always a lot of pressure surrounding what song to choose; it is important that the song represents your journey as a couple and holds meaning for the two of you. Here at BridesMade, we have put our heads together and compiled a list of songs that would make perfect first dance songs, based on how you met your SO! 


High School

You're Still the One by Shania Twain is the obvious choice for high school sweethearts everywhere. This emotional ballad celebrates the longevity of your love, without skimping on the passion. The perfect first dance song for longtime lovers!

 HSM can I have this dance gif



Lovers in a Dangerous Time by Barenaked Ladies. College is a time filled with late nights, quarter life crises, empty bank accounts and awesome adventures. You two have definatetly been through some things, and what a better way to celebrate how far you've come than with this bouncy tune by a beloved Canadian band! 

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The Bar

We Found Love in a Hopeless Place by Rihanna and Calvin Harris is totally perfect for you! Bars often favour low lighting; it's hard to find anyone in there, much less the person you choose to marry! This song will get everybody up and moving, the perfect first dance song for the couple that loves to party and have a good time! 

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It had to be You by Harry Connick Jr.  Few of us expect to meet our SO through work, but it often happens. It had to be you is a great ballad about finding someone when you least expect it.

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At Last by Etta JamesThe online dating world brings out the best in also brings out the worst in people. We bet you had a few *interesting* experiences before you met your perfect match. We're glad you found your love at last - consider using this classic as your first dance song! 

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Through Friends

You're my Best Friend by Queenbecause you may share the same friends, but no one can take the place of your SO! This song is one of the most popular wedding songs, and for good reason; the lyrics are super sweet and genuine.

 friends gif



Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer.  Here's to staying in tip top shape with your spouse while never skipping leg day! 

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While you were Dating Someone Else

Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield will have your guests laughing as you reminisce about how you met. Maybe not the most romantic choice, but it'll definitely be memorable! 

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Whatever you choose for your first dance song, we hope it's a tune thats special for you and your boo!


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