Effective Ways To Plan A Realistic Budget Wedding

March 28, 2018

Setting a realistic budget wedding

Effective Ways To Plan A Realistic Budget Wedding

How much should a wedding cost these days? In a survey, Canadians said that the average wedding should cost under $9,000, but only 46% of couples stayed within their wedding budget. This means those who are hoping to go in lower than $9,000 have their work cut out for them. But with a few ingenious ideas, this shouldn’t be a tough task at all. Discover some wedding industry secrets in creating the perfect day on a budget.

Choose a location not normally associated with weddings

Wedding venues already have their venue hire fees worked into the quotes, which tends to be a sizeable portion of the wedding cost. Couples should consider venues that don’t cost too much to get wedding ready but will still provide the same wedding feel they desire. Some of the best options include friends and families that have farms or smallholdings, country clubs, a local winery, and even restaurants that can cordon of parts of their floor area to accommodate a wedding reception.


Downscale that swing band

Hiring musicians, especially full-sized bands can be a costly affair. A cost-effective option that tends to add more ambiance to weddings, especially smaller and more intimate ones, is sourcing a vocalist that plays their own instrument and doesn’t require a backing band. This means they can use a PA system without the need to hire the backline, which is often where a lot of the funds are allocated to.

Gift certificates, coupons, and rewards: A bride’s best friend

Gift certificates that have been gathering dust can finally prove their worth, along with coupons. These come in handy, especially where bulk items are concerned. Another helpful tool that couples tend to forget about is the rewards program linked to their credit card. Whether it’s travel rewards, discounted accommodation, car rental, or more, these tend to come in handy during wedding season.


Keep an eye out for opportunities

This is the perfect time to allow frugality to rule the day. Many couples save a substantial amount of money by winning a competition and saving on items such as photography, the dress, bridal and bridal party makeup, and more. The small fee to pay for a sample, trial, or tasting is minor compared to the full cost of the item. To avoid disappointment, it’s important to still do a bit of research on the service provider to ensure that the standards are still acceptable for that perfect day.


Although a wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s journey, it should also be without the burden of carrying around financial stress. Rather opt for fewer sides on the food menu and perhaps one less dessert, and enjoy spending time with friends and family instead.



Chrissy Williams

Freelance Writer and Editor

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