Bridesmaid Proposal Box Essentials!

March 31, 2018

Bridesmaid gifts and proposal box essentials best gifts

Have you been in search of the perfect gift for your bridesmaid proposal? These are the girls that have always been there for you, and now it's time for you to show that you appreciate all their support! We know finding the perfect bridesmaid proposal box can be difficult. With so many options, it can be hard to find your favourite.

But no worries - we made this list of the best things to include in your bridesmaid proposal box! 


Start with the Essentials

bridesmaid proposal box gifts

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There can be no bridesmaid proposal box without the actual box! Make sure you buy one that matches your style and will also be large enough for all the goodies you put in it.


Custom Alcohol, Anyone?

bridesmaid box proposal etsy DIY custom champagne labels

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Don't deprive your girls of some champagne to celebrate the occasion! These gorgeous bottles are customizable. Add your girls' names to the labels to take your gift up a level. They'll definitely be grateful for these. 


Throw in a Candle 

custom candle etsy diy bridesmaid proposal box

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Did you know you can get candles in scents like wedding cake? Get your girls in the mood for the wedding with a custom candle and scent just for them! This one is 100% soy. 


Travel Mug

travel mug custom bridesmaid proposal gift box DIY etsy

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The perfect addition to any bridesmaid proposal box - a custom travel mug! Now your girls can flaunt their status all around town. This really comes in handy for wedding events like the bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding planning, and even getting ready on the wedding day! 


Don't forget the card!

bridesmaid proposal box diy etsy  scratch card

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It can be easy to overlook a simple card when you have all these exciting gifts to give. But a card can go a long way. Write a meaningful message that your future bridesmaid is sure to never forget. 


Don't stress out too much when looking for your perfect bridesmaid proposal boxes. You know your girls will love anything you get them! Let us know what you're going to get for your bridesmaids in the comments below. 


Happy Planning!




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