Top Bridesmaid Gifts for 2018

June 02, 2018

unique bridesmaid gifts

Your bridesmaids are there for you from day one. From the engagement to the wedding day and every wedding planning detail in between - and you both wouldn't have it any other way! 

But we also know how important it is to find the perfect gift for you bridesmaids! A gift that shows your appreciation for your friendship is not always an easy gift to find. To help you out, we made this list of the top bridesmaid gifts for 2018 that are perfect for any of your girls! 

Sweet Treats

You can never go wrong with sweet treats! I mean, unless one of your bridesmaid doesn't have a sweet tooth, in which case, you might want to rethink your bridal party choices! Go to your local bakery and check out their assortment of goodie bags. Or select one of the many beautiful assortments from Jenna Rae Cakes

edible bridesmaid gifts


Feminist T-shirt

Don't you think your girls would look killer in this t-shirt? We do too! The feminist vibes are undeniable in this design. Perfect for your gang of girls. It's also super unique and only found on Etsy! See it here.

the best bridesmaid gifts


Bridal Party Robes 

Bridal robes are easily one of the trendiest bridesmaid gifts of 2018. And why not?! Bridal robes are perfect for getting ready on the big day, they make for picture ready photo-ops and they're super cute! You're bridesmaids will love them. Find some for rental or purchase here.

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Meal Subscription Box

Who could say no to a free meal that's completely planned out for them? Meal subscription boxes have become all the rage these days. With a society that is increasingly busy, it's no surprise we have less time to sit down to plan a meal, buy groceries and then cook it! No one's got time for that these days - at least not every day. Your bridesmaids will love this gift! Order yours here.

the best 2018 bridesmaid gifts


Polaroid Camera

Your bridesmaids will love this throwback of a gift! Who wouldn't want a camera that gives you an instant hardcopy photo and makes you feel super retro? It's also a win-win for you and your girls because you'll get the cutest photos on the big day! Get your polaroid camera here.

bridesmaid gifts for 2018

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Pay for their Bridesmaid Dresses

This is a classic choice that your bridesmaids will definitely thank you for. And also a perfect solution if you really just can't decide what to get them! Looking to not break the bank? Choose to rent their bridesmaid dresses instead of purchasing. Learn more about how to rent your bridesmaid dresses here.

Succulent Subscriptions Box

Now here is the perfect gift for any millennial bridal party. Succulents have become the plant of choice for many people lately. Is it due to it's low maintenance care? Maybe it's quaint charm? Or it's versatility? The reason for all the love this plant has received isn't important. What is important is that you order your girls' subscription box ASAP. Check it out here.

succulent subscription box


You know your gals will love whatever you end up getting them. But getting them something on-trend might just earn you some extra brownie points as the best bride ever! Hope you liked this list of top 2018 bridesmaid gifts. Happy Shopping!

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Happy Planning!


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