Bridesmaid Dresses For Every Wedding Theme

May 23, 2018

Bridesmaid dress that match your wedding theme

Do you have a theme for your wedding but can't decide which bridesmaid dresses will match it? We know it can be hard to find that cohesive look. That's why we've made this list of wedding themes and the best dress to match!

Read on to find the best bridesmaid dresses for your wedding theme! 


The Glam Wedding

Have you been dreaming of an elegant and chic wedding? Maybe you want large chandeliers, beautiful floral arrangements or an assortment of candles to set the mood. Whatever your glam wedding looks like, this one shoulder bridesmaid dress is the perfect addition. With it's classic silhouette, flowing skirt and bow at the shoulder, it adds an ultra glam vibe without taking away from the rest of the venue. Shop here.
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teal bridesmaid dress canada

The Rustic Wedding

Are you into those rustic chic wedding vibes? Then you'll need the right bridesmaid dresses to match! This sweetheart dress, available in both knee and floor length, is the perfect dress for your whole bridal party. We also think it would look great paired with some cowboy boots - just saying! Shop here.
pink bridesmaid dress canada
pink bridesmaid dress canada


The Church Wedding

Are you looking for something modest, figure flattering and actually pretty for your church wedding? Look no further with this jewel neck bridesmaid dress. This dress is perfect for your whole bridal party as it ticks all the boxes! Plus it comes in over 15 colours! Find the dress here.
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Purple bridesmaid dress

The Destination Wedding

The destination wedding includes hot weather, white sandy beaches, and maybe a drink or two! This halter bridesmaid dress is the perfect addition to your destination wedding. With its light and airy elements, it's great for those hot days. Find it here.
Pink bridesmaid dress canada
Pink bridesmaid dress canada
bridesmaid dress canada


The Vintage Wedding

Choose this wrap dress for your vintage inspired wedding. With its classic vibe, it will fit right in with your wedding theme. Choose it in a knee or floor length for a different look! Shop here.
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purple bridesmaid dress canada

And there you have it: 5 wedding themes and the best bridesmaid dresses to go along with them! Explore the full collection of bridesmaid dress here

Happy Planning!

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