Best Low Budget Wedding Tips: Best Ways For You To Save

March 21, 2018

Low budget wedding tips

This is a guest post written by Eschelle Westwood of Mumfection

Planning a wedding is always a stressful process, no matter what you try to do, it will always have its ups and downs. One of the biggest sources of stress during planning time is budget. Staying on budget, no matter the size of it, can always be a bit hard for anyone. Weddings have the ability to take on a life of their own. But there are amazing low budget wedding tips out there and I have a few of them here for you.


One of the harder tasks you have as a bride is keeping control of your guest list. This is the number one place where you will see things really start to add up-and quickly. Keeping on top of making sure there are no surprise plus ones coming and that your family isn’t trying to invite random people you have never met. All of these things factor in your seemingly ever growing guest list.

But you have final say and control, remember this is your wedding.

Be ruthless: if you haven’t seen the person in question in the last year then maybe they are necessarily a priority for the guest list. If the person in question is in a relatively new relationship then it is okay to say no plus one. You are paying after all.


Finding a venue that you love that is affordable is a really hard thing to do. With each tour and interview it seems like you will never find everything you want for the price you want. Thinking outside the box in terms of venue was where I began to find what I was looking for in my very small price range. Places I found that were cheaper, on par with what I wanted out of venue, and still had a wow factor were the following:

-Community Centres and Halls

-Local Farms

-Local Historical Museums

-Golf courses

Depending on your community, starting in these places is usually a great place to start if you want to save a few hundred dollars on your location.  


Your bar tab can be another one of those growing things, especially if you are having a hard time keeping your guest numbers down. There is a way you can get your guests to help you with that, granted it is a little unconventional. During the duration of your planning process hold a bottle drive - asking all your guests, family and friends for help!

Most local recycling places have a way you can create an Èxpress drop account so you can easily drop off large bags of cans and bottles without having to sort them. Usually they either have your phone number attached to this process or code. Passing that along to guests gives them the ability to easily drop cans off into your account so you get all the profit! Letting you put that money directly towards the bar tab that your wedding will inevitably have.


Flowers are the number one place you can gorge the majority of your budget, especially if you say the word “wedding” near any florist. Of course if your budget allows it, splurging for this service is always a great thing, but if you are tight I would spend more on a photographer than a florist. In fact many brides, thanks to pinterest, make it their very own DIY project lending to lots of savings. Buying your flowers in bulk from a cheaper distributor is always a great way to go if you can. There is one thing to consider for this though, this means you are doing the bulk of the work the night before - so be prepared.

With great savings, comes greater responsibility.

Rent Over Purchase

For your wedding there are so many things you can rent to help you save money and waste on your big day. From tuxedos to plates you can honestly rent it all, even a wedding cake if you wanted, and it is a great way for you to save money and those in your wedding party. Using a great service like BridesMade is a great way take the stress off your girls so they can focus on other things for your big day, it also saves on waste, making your wedding eco-friendly wedding! It is a great way to save a pretty penny and help save the planet!

DIY Entertainment

Wedding’s are always fun on their own but you should consider having a little bit of extra fun lying around for the guests to enjoy! You don’t have to spend a bunch to pull these things off either like creating fun photo scavenger hunts for your guests, making your own photo booth vs. renting from a company, maybe even getting polaroid cameras for the guests to have fun with! There are endless ideas for making your own fun at your own wedding, even templates for creating large lawn games are perfect for those outdoor summer weddings.

These are only a few great ways for you to save on your wedding day. So happy planning and happy saving!

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