10 Things Brides Wish They Knew Before Planning Their Wedding

July 18, 2018

Things to know before planning a wedding

This is a guest post written by Heather from Wisdom Weddings.


It can be difficult to know how to plan a wedding when you are planning this large life-changing event for the first time. Post-wedding planning, we often hear brides and couples say “Before planning our wedding, we wish we had known…” about something that they missed or weren’t told that would have alleviated a much easier planning journey. Here are 10 common things we have heard or witnessed as wedding planners and some easy fixes to help you along the way.


Being Indecisive Can Hinder Your Planning

There are so many decisions to make from beginning to end. From choosing where you will host your reception, to choosing who will stand beside you, even right down to the colour of that tiny napkin on your plate! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

The Fix: Envision exactly how you see your wedding day. Heading in with a vision will help determine a plan ensuring you and your fiancée have an idea of what you want. Making notes prior to viewing venues or interviewing vendors will allow you to collect your thoughts, and if you are really overwhelmed at decision time. ask for a 3-option choice A B C from vendors to help narrow instead of choosing from 15 choices.

Photos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Important Photographs and Special Songs Were Missed That We Really Wanted

Wedding planning has many layers to it, and tiny details can go a long way to help make your day memorable and enjoyable. You will want to have the right photograph or video to remember your day and you want your party music to resemble you as a couple and keep your guests entertained. Brides often become overwhelmed during the end stages of planning as everything comes together, that when asked by their photographer or DJ what should be captured or play, the bride throws her arms up and says “I don’t care, whatever…I’ll leave it up to you!” Do not do this! Your vision and their vision will differ!

The Fix: So right from the beginning, have a photograph shot list and music list in your wedding folder. Collect and add over your year of planning so you aren’t scrambling the last week of your wedding to provide this to your photographer or DJ. Giving yourself ample time will allow you to research and think about it rather than just throwing it together!

wedding photographyPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Food Was the Last Thing On My Mind, It Should Have Been First

Your wedding day is going to start early and end late, and you need to eat! With nerves and excitement, eating a full feast in the morning, midday or even by dinner time may not be what you want or feel like, but let it be known, you may have a few hours here and there when you are in the thick of your wedding day and there is no food available. At these times, this is when you’ll want food the most!

The Fix: Have nibbles and snacks throughout the day, have finger foods when you are getting ready, pack a cooler with granola bars, bottles of water/fruit juice for during photos and the limo ride, and ask your venue to put aside some appetizers from cocktail hour for you to enjoy when you arrive and are hangry!

wedding photographyPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Feeling Awkward In Wedding Photos, Never Having a Professional Photoshoot Prior

Being in front of the camera, acting like a model, posing, trying to act natural when it’s not and taking cues from your photographer can be a lot of work and overwhelming. You want to look back on your wedding day, and through the pictures you really want to see yourselves captured.

The Fix: Have an engagement shoot with the photographer who is working your wedding as it lets you become comfortable in front of the camera posing and taking cue, and you can build a connection prior to your big day with your photographer. Your photographer will be a familiar face on your wedding day and will spend lots of time with you!

Wedding tipsPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Starting The Beauty Regime Too Late

Let’s be honest, every bride out there wants to look her best and often brides will decide to try something they have never had done before often just weeks or days before their wedding. BIG MISTAKE! Doing something new to your body can have horrendous affects if your body reacts, leaving you scrambling for a quick fix before your wedding day.

The Fix: Have a facial, get a spray tan, do your hair and makeup trial well in advance to ensure your face and body doesn’t react in weird ways. Hair and makeup trials are great to do for your wedding shower or bachelorette night out. Remember to take a picture of front, back and side views for your stylists to remember on your day.

wedding tipsPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


No One Ate the Wedding Cake

We have seen it before, those beautiful, expensive tiered cakes sit on display on the cake table during dinner and has its own Cake Cutting Ceremony, only to be forgotten, kept in the back until later and either not served properly or never eaten by guests who are tearing it up on the dance floor. You really do want to have your cake and eat it too!

The Fix: Include your wedding cake as your dessert course; cut your wedding cake early into the evening during dinner time (allows venue to have time to cut and plate) and serve to your guests as dessert. If you wish to keep cake cutting until later in the evening purchase a fake cake, with one real baked section to cut into during the photo-opt. You will save money by purchasing the slab cake and allows an easier time for the venue to cut it and plate! Again you can eat it as dessert or put it out with your late night buffet!

Wedding tipsPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Traffic, Construction Zones, Road Closures Caused Mayhem

When planning a year in advance and looking for a wedding venue, you aren’t exactly thinking about what is going to be happening on that day, other than your spectacular wedding, but this is something your need to consider. Finding your perfect venue could be a difficult task in itself but imagine finding it, booking it and realizing the day of your wedding a huge race is planned in the city with road closures that could directly affect getting to your venue. It happens!

The Fix: Search the web for events happening in the area on or near your wedding day, make a call to your city hall and see what’s going on in the city that day and ask the venue directly if they know of anything planned in the area. Alleviate this stress prior to booking.

wedding tips and tricksPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Everyone Was Tired From the Rehearsal the Night Before

Your rehearsal night is the last event prior to your big day. You will do a run through of your ceremony at your ceremony site and then your wedding party, and immediate family will head somewhere to have some drinks and food! Choosing to do it the night before your wedding can leave you stressed, and depending on how late it runs, everyone can be tired the next day, when everyone needs a restful sleep!

The Fix: Hold your rehearsal a few days before your wedding, not the night before. Book your rehearsal date well in advance so you can ensure your officiant, church or venue, your wedding party, and family are all available. Holding the rehearsal a few days before will allow everyone to relax, enjoy the evening a little longer instead of rushing to get home. Plus those last minute things that may creep up the day before your wedding, you can deal with head on instead of running around the morning of your wedding.

Wedding tips and tricksPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


The Dress Envisioned Looked Horrible

Most brides will of course have a vision of what they will be wearing on their wedding but don’t be afraid to try everything and anything. We have often heard brides choose a dress they envisioned but later regretted it because it did not look great, fit their body type or came to realize it wasn’t actually what they want, only thought it was!

The Fix: Try on different styles but have a max budget for your dress, don’t try anything on above that budget. Trust us! Don’t always listen to others, maybe you are thinking you want a big puffy gown because that is what your sister had, but you want something a bit simpler. Be open minded when trying on wedding dresses and listen to the dress consultant as they do have the most experience.

Things you need to know before you start wedding planningPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Our Family/Friend Vendor Made the Day Worse

You may want to save money, your friend begs to make your cake because they have taken up a new hobby, you’ve been told you don’t need a videographer as Uncle Joe has been behind the video camera since the day you were born, let them do it! DON’T, just don’t, this is probably one of the BIGGEST REGRETS from couples. It’s so nice they have offered to help but decline nicely and run.

The Fix: HIRE PROFESSIONALS! Let your family and friends be just that, family and friends on your wedding day. If you think it’s a good idea to enlist someone to do something like a cake or your invitations, it’s probably best to just say thanks but no thanks, we already have that covered even if it’s something you haven’t even thought of yet. Find someone who has been in the wedding industry and can show you their work and referrals! Sign contracts with them, spend the money and entrust your vision with that vendor! Sit back and relax your day knowing you have professionals on hand!

planning a weddingPhotos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.


Heather from Wisdom Weddings is a Certified Wedding Planner, who offers online wedding planning services to couples looking for affordable, wise and logistical planning. Wisdom Weddings offers Virtual Planning Packages which offers guidance through the planning process from the comforts of your own home! Other services offered are Consulting Hours, Budget Planning, and Day of Itinerary Creation. Enjoy a FREE Wise Wedding Session with Heather to determine what service is best for you or use the time to ask some general questions prior to booking!


All photos by Helen from Lasting Impressions.

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