How to Throw an Adult-Only Wedding

April 28, 2018

adult only wedding invitations

Whether or not you decide to invite children to your wedding can be a difficult decision. Maybe you would like children at your wedding but the venue doesn't allow it, or your budget can't stretch any further. Or maybe you would just prefer an adult-only wedding because children don't fit into your wedding vision.

Whatever you choose to do, it is you and your fiancés decision. If you decide to throw an adult-only wedding then you are probably trying to figure out how to announce this without upsetting some of your guests. We've created different ways for you to get the point across that children are not welcome at your wedding - in ways that won't offend any of your guests!


No Children Please

no children wedding

Include these phrases on your invitations if you are hoping for no children at any point in the wedding: 

"This is an adult-only celebration"

"Due to space, this is an adult-only wedding"

"We love your little ones, however this is an adult-only wedding"

"In order for all guests to enjoy and relax, we are inviting adults only"

"This invitation is for those over 18 years old"

"Please respect our wishes for an adult-only wedding, with the exception of infants under 12 months"


Children For The Ceremony Only 

no children wedding

Add one of these phrases to your invitations if you are welcoming children to your ceremony, but hoping for an adult-only reception. 

"Please join us for an adult-only reception"

"We welcome children at the ceremony, however the reception is an adult-only celebration"

"We'd love for your children to join us at the ceremony, however we want everyone to let their hair down for the reception - so we ask for no children after the ceremony"


Only Close Family 

adult only wedding

Maybe you would like for only children from immediate family members to be invited. Print one of these sayings on your invitations to let your guests know of your wishes.

"This is an adult-only wedding, with the exception of immediate family"

"Please note, only those listed on the invitation are invited"

"Due to seating restrictions, we are only able to invite children from our immediate family"


Whatever you choose for your wedding, make sure you are clear about your intentions early on in the wedding planning. Families will need to make arrangements that can take time and money. Know that if you choose to exclude children, the parents on your guest list may not be able to attend. As they respect your wishes, you should respect them if they choose to decline your invitation.

What are your thoughts on children at weddings? Let us know!


Happy Planning!


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