8 Ways To Make Your Bridesmaids Love You

April 25, 2018

8 Ways to make your bridesmaids love you

This is a guest post written by Sarah Nicole of The Birds Papaya.

Being a bride comes with the title, but your day will not be complete or even as magical as you hope or dream without the support of your best ladies (or gents) that come in the form of your bridesmaids. However, we’ve all heard the stories of the relationships that are tested, the bridesmaids who want to quit, and the tarnished memories that so easily could have been avoided in minor ways when leading up to your trip. With that in mind, here are some of my simple tips on how to make your bridesmaids love you.


1. Don’t Push

It’s an honour for one of your friends or relatives to be chosen as a bridesmaid, but remember, these ladies are your support system, not your employees. Treat them with the utmost kindness and respect, no matter how close you are.


2. Lay Your Expectations Out

bridesmaid loving their bride

When it comes to the biggest issues in female relationships, it almost always comes down to a breakdown in communication. By simply laying out your expectations (again, in a kind and respectful way) this will help your bridesmaids have a clear view on how they can fulfill their duties as your support person. This way, you won’t be disappointed, and anything that needs to be clarified or adjusted can be with a lot of advanced notice.


3. Don’t Overload Them Financially

Everyone comes from different life circumstances, and when it comes to a wedding, it’s easy for things to quickly get out of hand when it comes to budget. Whether you’re looking at your bachelorette or your bridesmaids dresses, be aware and open about the costs involved and be ready to supplement for anything over and above reason.


4. Be Thankful

These women, your support tribe, are going to be helping you for months if not years in preparation for YOUR big day. Sure, they get the honour of standing alongside you, but their time, energy, emotional support and finances have all gone into making YOUR day special. Don’t forget to thank them, and make them feel appreciated and cherished throughout the process. The last thing you want is a resentful bridesmaid who won’t want to continue your relationship after the wedding.


5. Give Them Options

How to make your bridesmaids love the bride

When you dream of your wedding day, it’s easy to just place your bridesmaids with you throughout each step. However, finances and comfort levels may differ for everyone, and you should always make sure your bridesmaids have options. These are especially true for shoes, hair & makeup, speeches and travel.


6. Rent Their Dress

Instead of trying to convince your bridesmaids that they will most certainly wear the dresses you chose for them again, just go ahead and rent the dang dress. This will alleviate the financial burden off the bridesmaids, while keeping the bride’s style in check!


7. Be Considerate

How to make your bridesmaids love you


If your bridesmaids have dietary restrictions, or family obligations (like a newborn baby) during the day of your wedding, make sure they are well taken care of and be considerate of their needs, too. They’re there to support you, but make sure you’re supporting them too!


8. Give Them Gifts They’ll Love

While it can be cute and cheesy to give them token “bridesmaid” things like labeled robes or wine glasses, think about gifts that will go beyond your day and your wishes, and consider something they might genuinely love. This can be as simple as treating them to their hair and makeup costs, or perhaps buying them a beautiful pair of earrings they can wear that day and many days afterwards. There’s nothing worse than a selfish gift, so keep that in mind when selecting your tokens of gratitude!


Sarah Nicole 

This was a guest post! Check out more from Sarah Nicole at The Birds Papaya.

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