7 Wedding Show Tips That Are Pure Genius!

January 11, 2018

Wedding show tips and tricks

We get it - wedding shows are overwhelming, tiring, and leave you feeling more confused and lost than before your visit. But they don't have to be that way! While most of us might go expecting it to be all fun and games, if you prepare yourself with these 7 wedding show tricks, it can turn into an immensely productive day!

Trick #1: Create a wedding email.

Create a separate email for everything wedding-related, from communicating with vendors, to signing up for email lists and contests. It will keep your personal email clean and clutter-free, but you won't miss out on anything important either! To make it even more cute, coordinate your email so that it matches your wedding hashtag (for a list of great wedding hashtag ideas, click here!)

Trick #2: Print out some labels for yourself.

It's no secret that wedding shows and expos are often full of contests, giveaways and exclusive discounts - we gave away a set of free bridesmaid dress rentals at the last show we went to! Don't put yourself through the annoyance of writing down your information a million times and print yourself some address labels that have your name, address, phone number, brand new wedding email, and wedding date. That way, you just peel the sticker off and slap it on wherever it needs to go.

Trick #3: Skip the fashion show.

Unless you are really relying on the fashion show for some inspiration, skip the fashion show and take advantage of the near-empty vendor booths. This is a great way to avoid the crowds, and you can easily cut your browsing time in half by doing so.

Trick #4: Use that phone camera.

This is the 21st century, is it not?! Why do we still bother with grabbing so many business cards and pamphlets that we know we're going to throw out as soon as we get home anyway? Save your arms the weight and simply use your phone camera to take pictures of all the business cards you would otherwise take with you. And if you are truly very interested in a certain vendor, by all means, pick up a card and know that your selective process means this is someone you should definitely follow up with.

Trick #5: Bring your planner/calendar with you.

You never know if you might stumble upon the perfect florist, musician or wedding dress when you're at the show. Many vendors can set up appointments with you right there and then, so bring your planner so you can check your available dates and schedule it right away instead of having to call or email again later.

Trick #6: Bring colour swatches with you.

If you already chose your table linens, or bridesmaid dresses, or groomsmen suits, bring a colour swatch or fabric swatch with you to the show so you can coordinate without having to try visualizing it in your mind. It can also help with deciding if an inspiring vendor booth will match with what you've already got planned. (P.S. If you get your bridesmaid dresses from us, we can certainly send you some free colour swatches!)

Trick #7: Don't forget to eat!

Obvious, but necessary to include here because just like on your actual wedding day, food can be easily forgotten in the excitement of the day! Make sure to eat before the show, and if you're planning on spending the day there, set up a reminder on your phone so you remember to grab a snack or meal when you need to. It'll improve your mood and keep your energy up.

Now you're all ready to take on wedding shows and expos! Happy Planning!


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