7 Beauty Tips For The Week Before Your Wedding

October 31, 2018

7 Beauty Tips For The Week Before Your Wedding

It's no secret that starting a beauty routine before your wedding day is so important for getting that bridal glow you're dreaming of. Maybe you've already been following a routine for months or maybe you're looking for a last minute fix. Either way, you're in the right place. We've got everything you need to do day by day before your big day!

7 days before - Focus on your diet

You know how they say you are what you eat? Well, it's true! 7 days before the big day is the time to start cutting back on the bad stuff and adding in the good stuff! This will help you lose the bloat and some water weight. What you should avoid: high carb foods, salty foods, processed sugars, alcohol, and excess coffee. What to introduce into your diet: Fruit and veggies, tons of water, and tea!

wedding diet- drink lots of water before your get marries

6 days before - Get your teeth whitened

If you want your teeth to be whiter, this is the time to do it. They sell at-home whiteners at most drug stores and they're super easy to apply yourself! Trust us - It'll be worth it for the photos.

wedding day beauty prep - get your teeth whitened


5 days before - Get your beauty rest

Getting enough sleep is just one of those magical things in life that resets your body and leaves you feeling and looking refreshed. Starting 5 days before the wedding, try to get at least a full 8 hours every night!

wedding beauty prep - beauty rest


4 days before - Moisturize

We're sure you've been following a facial routine in the last few months leading up to the wedding. Now's the time to amp up the moisturizer. Whether you use moisturizers or body oils, try to use these products morning and night up until the big day. This will leave your skin glowing!

wedding beauty prep - moisturizer

3 days before - Relax

Treat yourself and splurge on a massage. This will let your forget the wedding planning stress and put you in a good mindset for the big day. 

wedding day beauty prep - massage


2 days before - Treat your face

Looking to get your eyebrows shaped, your upper lip waxed or get one last facial? Don't leave it to the last minute. Make sure you get these facial treatments done 2 days before your wedding so it gives time for any redness and irritation to go down!

wedding beauty prep - facials

1 day before - The last minute details 

Woohoo! One sleep until the big day! This day is meant for relaxation and NO stress. Book and appointment to get a manicure and pedicure. Today is also the day to wash your hair! This will give your hair the perfect texture for styling the next day. 

wedding beauty prep - manicure


Now that you know what to do the week before you get married you are ready to rock the spotlight by looking and feeling amazing!


Lots of love,


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