6 Photo-Ops Your Bridal Party MUST Take!

June 18, 2019

6 Photo-Ops Your Bridal Party MUST Take!

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Matching Bridal Robes Photo

Not only are silk bridal robes super comfy and easy to wear the morning of your big day but they also make for the cutest photo ops! Matching with your bridesmaid is fun and creates the perfect opportunity to grab some pics while getting ready in the morning. The memories you create with your girls in the morning will be something you want to keep forever. Check out our floral bridal robes available to rent or purchase here.



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Finishing Touches Photo

Don’t forget to take a few photos of you and your bridal party getting ready and doing your makeup! Sometimes candids can be just as cute and special as your staged photos. These pics will be a favourite to look back on and remember the hustle and bustle of getting ready in the morning!

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Show Off Your Dresses Photo

Some of the best bridal party photo ops don’t involve the bride or bridesmaids at all! Another must have/ Another perfect photo op is your bridal party attire. You put a lot of thought into your dresses why not show them off? This simple photo is super cute and can show off the beauty of the dresses all on their own! Are you a fan of our infinity dresses hanging in this photo? You can shop our dresses here.


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The Big Reveal Photo

First glance photos are adorable but they don’t have to be just for you and the groom! Your bridesmaids are so proud to be supporting you on this important day so don’t miss out on getting their reaction to your big reveal. They can’t wait to see how beautiful you look and will not disappoint with some awesome reactions. This photo-op is definitely a must and can guarantee to make you smile for years to come!


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How We Met Photo

Many brides today have bridesmaids from many different times and places in their lives, it is what makes your friendships so unique and important to you. A great way to honour the relationships you’ve created with each bridesmaid is to have them hold signs that display when and how they became friends with you! This photo-op is so sweet and a great reminder of the wonderful friendships you have created over the years.

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Have Some Fun Photo

As cute as sentimental photos are you can't forget to have fun with your bridal party photos too! If your bridesmaids aren’t imaginative in front of the camera, find a funny picture you can re-create. You can even find a funny photo from your favourite movie to re-create like the picture above!


We hope this list sparked some unique and fun photo-op ideas for you! 

Happy Planning,

The BridesMade Team

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