5 Ways to Beat the Stress of Wedding Planning

September 16, 2017

Ways to beat and avoid the stress of wedding planning

Planning a wedding can get extremely stressful at times. There is a lot to be done, and many of us can become overwhelmed with planning on top of managing their day-to-day life. Check out the following tips to ease your stress so you don't become bogged down while planning for the big day:

1. Exercise 

I know ladies. I couldn't believe it either, but apparently exerting some form of physical activity is not only good for you; it can actually make you happier! Hitting the gym or going for a walk, or even just dancing it out at the bar can help to make you feel more focused and relaxed, allowing you to be better equipped to handle planning for your big day.

girl running wedding excersise

2. Prioritize

Making a schedule for yourself is key. Having a plan ensures that everything gets done in a timely manner. It also helps you to decide what is important so you won't get caught up in minor details and feel overwhelmed. Not sure how to go about planning for the big day? Check out our Pinterest page here for an outline idea of what to do each month leading up to wedding. 

3. Make Time for You

Don't spend every second of your free time wedding planning. Make time for yourself, do something you love that isn't related to your wedding. Keeping a balanced lifestyle is a great way to keep a clear head so you can make the most of your planning time. 

make time for you pre-wedding

4. Make time for your SO

In the excitement of planning sometimes we for get the thing that matters most: the one we're marrying! Always be sure to regularly connect with your significant other and spend time focusing on your relationship, and your future together. Date night is not dead! 

couple laughing pre -wedding

5. Rent your Bridesmaid Dresses

Let us help you! Here at BridesMade, we offer the ultimate stress-free bridal experience. Our dresses are Made2Flatter and delivered right to your door! No need to worry about fit, or alterations, or finding a dress you can wear again! Connect with a Personal Stylist today and begin your journey toward a stress-free wedding! 

bridesmaid dress rentals canada



Happy Planning!


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