5 Personalized Shirts Your Wedding Needs!

July 26, 2019

5 Personalized Shirts Your Wedding Needs!

Party Ready

The first shirts you are going to want for your wedding will be for you and your girls. Personalizing shirts for you and your bridesmaids is perfect for all bridal showers, buck-and-does, and bachelorette parties you will be enjoying. They let everyone know who is in the bridal party and make for super cute photo-ops! Pick your favourite colour for the shirts and choose any personalization’s you would like for the shirt, some of my favourites are “Bride Tribe” and “The I Do Crew”.


Important Little Helper

One of the cutest personalized shirts you can do for a wedding is for your little helpers! How adorable is the ring bearer shirt!? Not only will this get a lot of smiles but will make your ring bearer feel even more special in his important role. This would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception!


Proud Newlyweds


After you’ve said your “I Do’s” you will want some cool personalized jackets for partying the night away! Not only is this a great way to keep warm as the night goes on but makes for a cute photo of you and your new hubby! Why not show off how happy you are to be just married? After all, if you can’t be cheesy and cute on your wedding night when can you be!? Personalized jacket will also make for great mementos to keep after the wedding.


Honeymoon Bound


Your honeymoon is another wedding occasion you need to have a personalized shirt for! Honeymoon shirts are not only cute but may even lead to some perks for you and your spouse. Many newlyweds on their honeymoon receive upgrades or even just a nice congratulations from others! A comfy t-shirt also makes for a great travelling outfit. 


Still in Love


Bring back the excitement of your wedding years later on your anniversary with some personalized shirts! You should be proud of the many loving years you and your husband have been together. These jersey styled shirts are perfect for couples who have been together for a long time, you can even get this on the back of your favourite sports team shirt!

Personalized shirts like these can be found on sites like Etsy. Have fun coming up with your own unique twists to put on your shirts!


Happy Planning,

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